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The Translation Strategies Of Culture-specific Terms In Economic Text

Posted on:2015-02-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The21st century is witnessing the rapid development of global economy. Withthe increasing strengthening of ties in political, economy and culture, thecross-cultural communication between countries is more frequent. As a strong powerin political and economy in the world, China’s development is closely linked withinternational society. There is no doubt that translation develops into a necessary tooland becomes a bridge in the international communication. Rather, due to theuniqueness of it and its high frequent application, cultural-specific terms insert amajor resistance into the translation. So the translation of cultural-specific terms isone of the most important problems we must resolve.This paper starts from analyzing the formation causes of cultural-specific terms,and then tries to illustrate the characteristics of economic text on the basis of Mr.Wang’s Economic Tales. Mr. Wang’s Economic Tales wrote by Guokai, the doctor ineconomics at Harvard, in which Guokai analyzes most of home and international hoteconomic issues about China. Its content is rich, ranging from the Spring Festivaltickets prices to the appreciation of RMB. The language in this book is humorousand illustration is easy and simple but professional for complicated economic issues.Finally, after discussing the general problems of cross-cultural terms translation,this paper further seeks some concrete translation tactics based on functionalequivalence theory. On the one hand, this paper tries to do something for economictext translation; on the other hand, it aims to broaden the field of translation study toeconomic texts.
Keywords/Search Tags:Economy, Culture-Specific Terms, Translation Strategies, FunctionalEquivalence Theory, Cross-Cultural Communication
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