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A Study On Acquisition Investigation And Analysis Of Chinese Euphemism By Mongolian University Students

Posted on:2016-07-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2285330461986261Subject:Chinese international education
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Euphemism is omnipresent in social communication; in an interpersonal relationship it indicates an expression of smooth communication. On the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language, Chinese euphemism is an important symbol of measuring the level of Chinese language learners and Chinese language communication skills.In this paper, based on the ontological study of euphemism, through the questionnaire investigation of Mongolian college students to senior students as an example of Chinese euphemism acquisition, we analyze the reasons of the error produced by college students in Mongolian Chinese Euphemism in the process of learning, and at the same time, according to the students’ errors, we propose teaching suggestions.This paper is divided into four chapters. The first chapter is the introduction, mainly elaborated to the key point and the difficulty, research review, research background and significance, research contents and methods. The second chapter is the investigation and analysis of Mongolian students’ acquisition of Chinese euphemism, questionnaire design and survey implementation process, as well as using questionnaire investigation on college students of Mongolia, Mongolian students’ mastery of Chinese euphemism knowledge, understanding and use of euphemism words and sentences. At the same time, a detailed analysis of the survey results, Mongolian college students’ euphemism acquisition errors and their causes. In addition, analyzing the language environment of Mongolian college students’ of Chinese euphemism acquisition effect. The third chapter includes suggestions on Chinese language teaching, according to the student’s euphemism bias, respectively from the teacher.Learning and teaching materials put forward the corresponding proposal written in three aspects. The first is that Chinese teachers should pay attention to the teaching of Chinese euphemisms, which can be used in a variety of teaching methods. Secondly, the students have to learn more about the Chinese culture, so as to improve the students’ communication ability in Chinese language. Finally, pointed out the suggestion of textbooks, the author thinks, the content of using more euphemisms in the textbook, making detailed description of the euphemisms. At the same time the chapter points out paying attention to the time of euphemisms, watching and practicing and other aspects of euphemism components.
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