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Analysis Of Architecturalfeatures Of Tomb Decoration Replicated Timber Framing Of The Song Jin Dynasty In Southern Shanxi

Posted on:2013-07-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2285330467453099Subject:Construction of Technological Sciences
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The tomb of the Song Jin Dynasty is primarily brick-chambered, the style of interior decoration is prevalent.In Southern Shanxi,the tomb decoration style of the Song Jin Dynasty is distinctive in the Nationalwide,rich in magnificent shapes,Condensed the essence of the Sculpture art,Painting art and Social culture art at that time.The architectural form and style of the Song Jin Dynasty has been reserved by the tomb decoration replicated timber framing. From the angle of the development history of ancient Chinese architecture, the Song Jin Dynasty is an important stage when the traditional building techniques is to mature and develop rapidly.Among the tombs,it is is of great historical value for a large number of carved bricks of replicated timber framing which by mode of production system.Shanxi as an important area of the Song Jin period, the number of ancient tomb and architecture existed occupies the first place in China over the same period,providing the valuable material for the research of architectural history and culture of the Song Jin Dynasty.This paper take ’the tomb replicated timber framing of the Song Jin Dynasty as research object,analyzed the Architectural features of the tomb, further reflectied that cultural phenomenon combined with the same period of Shanxi ancient architecture examples, comparison with them for the building the ideological similarities and differences and analysised building culture in the reflection of tomb ornament.This paper is divided into five parts content. The first part mainly introduces the basic concepts of the tomb replicated timber framing,states the aim,significance, method, the structure of the organization of subject research and limit the scope of the time and space range, to lay the foundation for further study the ornament "architecture" features of the tomb replicated timber framing;The second part briefly summarized the historical environment and research status of the tomb replicated timber framing in Southern Shanxi;The third and forth parts—the key part of the paper,base on the architectural history theory,analysing architecture features of the tomb replicated timber framing in Southern Shanxi,and compareding the corresponding that ornament "architecture" style of every district of Shanxi,so as to explore factors that each district architectural culture on the influence of tomb ornament;The fifth parts draw a conclusion by comparing the typical examples of Song Jin Dynasty’s building with ornament "architecture" style.
Keywords/Search Tags:Southern Shanxi, the Song Jin Dynasty, the decoration of tomb replicatedtimber framing, Architectural features, comparison, regional
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