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The Research Of The Development And Current Situation Of The Confucius-Institute At The University Of Vienna

Posted on:2015-04-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2285330467957596Subject:Chinese international education
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With the continuous improvement of China’s comprehensive national strength, a "Chinese fever" has set off around the world. As official institutions which set up overseas to spread Chinese language and culture, Confucius institutes also developed rapidly in the world. The Confucius Institute at University of Vienna, Austria’s first Confucius institute, was founded in2006. Since its establishment, it has made outstanding achievements, but at the same time, there are still some problems existing in the rapid development.Taking the Confucius Institute at University of Vienna as the research object, collecting data of infrastructure, the Chinese language teaching activities and cultural promotion during its eight years’ development, the paper presents the institute’s improvement and the experience it accumulates during the past eight years. What’s more, by sending questionnaires to students, interviewing teachers, the paper conducts a relatively comprehensive survey of the institute’s current woke, such as Chinese language teaching and cultural promotion, reveals its existing problems and puts forward practical suggestions.The paper is divided into three parts:the first part introduces the tropic’s background,the reason why the author selected it and its significance.It also introduces the overall ideas and methods of the research, summarizes some related researches. The second part introduces the development of the institute at the University of Vienna since its establishment and the analysis of its current situation. Firstly, the paper briefly describes the Chinese promotion situation in Austria and the background of the establishment of Confucius institute at University of Vienna. Then from some aspects such as the the construction, teaching activities and Chinese culture promotion, the paper describes the development of the Chinese in the institute in detail. Finally, according to the results of the surveys and interviews, the paper analyses the Confucius Institute’s current situation.The third part focusing on the its existing problems, considering the actual situation in Austria, puts forward some effective suggestions to solve the problems.Through the researches this paper made, which present the development process of Confucius Institute at University of Vienna and its current situation, the author hopes that more people could pay attention to the experience the institute accumulates in its specific development in Austria and some problems that still exist in the institute, thus to make some positive impacts on the institute’s future development. At the same time, the author also hopes to provide some data for relevant researches and some suggestions for the better development of other Confucius Institutes.
Keywords/Search Tags:Confucius Institute at University of Vienna, Chinese teaching, Culture Promotion
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