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The Discuss Of Shoushan Stone Carving About Traditional Skills And Inheritance In Fuzhou

Posted on:2016-06-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Shoushan stone is named by produced in fuzhou shou shan, it has the reputation of human treasure and king of the gem because it has the colorful magnificent and channeling moist texture since ancient times,then it topped the four precious stones in China. The data of Archaeological suggest that shoushan stone carving started in the southern dynasty, it has a history of more than 1500 years. More than one thousand years, shoushan stone carving skills development progress and enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad. For a long time, folk artists with natural color carved artistic act the role of shoushan stone works, many exquisite masterpiece is a wonderful work of art, combined its profound historical culture connotation, thus gradually formed the unique characteristics of the local traditional culture industry. Thousands of years, shoushan stone carvings in addition to traditional folk artists from generation to generation techniques, there are also some skills of time history style and innovation. Many problems are also arising in Shoushan stone carving with the development of society, which can be found that during most works are full of imitation and repeating of the old works and lack of creating. It is a waste of non-renewable resources, which is bad for the continuous development. Chen Lizhong, Contemporary Chinese arts and crafts master,as shou stone carving art heritage, drawing the art essence from "east gate" and "Simon" in qing dynasty, he has a unique understanding of traditional shoushan stone carving art and made outstanding achievements in carrying forward shoushan stone traditional culture. We research the Shoushan stone carving skills by the example of Chen Lizhong, it has a certain reference significance. Paper also put forward some relevant suggestions about the problems of current shou stone field, and the interest of stone carving art in the new social and cultural background of the development and transformation problem, in the study under the background of new era shoushan stone carving art of sustainable development and progress, has certain academic value and practical significance.
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