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Aesthetic Research On The Intangible Cultural Heritage And Literatures Puhui New Year Pictures In Gaomi In China

Posted on:2016-10-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J XiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2295330464953441Subject:Chinese Language and Literature
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In this thesis, Pu Hui New Year pictures, the intangible cultural heritage and literature in Gao mi, in China, are studied essentially from the viewpoint of aesthetics.Why Pu Hui New Year Paintings are called like this is because of their unique production: first, the wicker or bean crop was burnt into charcoal, and the burned charcoal was used to sketch the outlines in the paper to make them t grey versions, then put the grey version on the paper to wipe the flapping, one prototype of Pu Hui New Year Painting was made, and one draft could wipe many of them. In short, the so-called Pu Hui New Year Painting was made of charcoal on paper. Pu Hui New Year Paintings were unique in making ways that met people’s spiritual and cultural needs at that time when the productivity level was low and science and culture were underdeveloped., its history was long and twisty; Its modeling, color, composition and production procedure are distinctive; The type of the picture is unique, and its theme is rich and colorful; The painting contains a profound aesthetic significance, and its aesthetic art characteristics is unique, too; It owns important aesthetic value and wide prospects for development. Its tool was charcoal which the wicker or bean crop was burnt into, which is the original ecology, and is good for protecting environment. It contains the wisdom of the folk people, so it has Chinese Personalities. On May 20, 2006, Pu Hui New Year pictures lived again, which was listed on first nation-level non-material cultural heritage.The full text consists of six main parts.The first part is to comb the long zigzag development history of Pu Hui New Year Paintings. By review on its origin, mature period, printing and painting, prosperity, decline and revival, the evolution process of Pu Hui New Year Paintings can be seen clearly, and it provides a theoretical basis to rescue and protect them.The second part analyzes the type and themes of Pu Hui New Year Paintings. Two main types of Pu Hui New Year Paintings, "the Old Wipe Painting" and "Hong Huo", formed during the competition of art flowers blooming and scholars’ research. "The Old Wipe Painting" mainly used ink color, then, close to be gaudy of red and green, which is colorful "Hong Huo". The contents of Pu Hui New Year Pictures are abundant, which are mostly based on secular life, mainly containing such subjects as praying fortune and blessing, legends, opera figures, landscape flowers, real life, and so on.The third part is to explore the artistic features of traditional Pu Hui New Year Paintings. Its modeling: perfect, significance in picture, big when it should be big, using opportunely rhetoric, no missing, going beyond; Color: bright but not vulgar, ink owning five colors, coated with bright oil, making form according to the color; Picture composition: clear primary and secondary, clear hierarchy, similarly, omniscient, simple standing for complicated; Production craftsmanship: brush and brush, line of cutting flowers, big rinse and smear, ticking children, attentive face powder, drawing eyebrow and eye artfully, using salty radishes to be more beautiful. It are the differences from others in modeling, color, composition, production craft, contribute to its artistic features of "wipe" and "writing with processing".The fourth part has deeply studied the aesthetic significance of the traditional Pu Hui New Year Paintings, mainly through their culture and color. Its cultural aesthetic significance: beauty and good; humans and nature friendly; loyalty and filial piety; yin and yang theory; harmony and love; praying blessing and getting auspice; In color respect, it contains aesthetic significance of people’s good wishes such as good harvest, happiness and satisfaction, prosperity of animals, prosperity of human, having fortune and taking blessing.The fifth part is to discuss profoundly the unique aesthetic artistic features of Pu Hui New Year Paintings. Pu Hui New Year Paintings is a peculiar type of picture and must have its unique aesthetic art features, since it has kinds of themes, rare artistic features, and profound aesthetic implication. Through discussing its unique aesthetic artistic characteristics: the straightforward and natural beauty, the beauty in artistic idea, form beauty, shape beauty, the beauty of imagination, delicate beauty, the beauty in the power of creative imagination, the aesthetic value of Pu Hui New Year Paintings has been found. It is an important practical significance to protect and inherit Pu Hui New Year Paintings.The sixth part is the discussion on the aesthetic value and inheriting and protecting Pu Hui New Year Paintings. Through the analysis of the contents, modeling, color and craft of Pu Hui New Year Paintings and the discussion on its aesthetic significance and aesthetic artistic features, it is concluded that Pu Hui New Year Paintings have such aesthetic values as improving the aesthetic quality of urban and rural working people, enriching people’s life in spirit, carrying out the traditional moral and virtuous education, popularizing the knowledge of aesthetic culture; first, we should rescue it, second, reasonably use it, inherit it and develop it,Pu Hui New Year Paintings can be effective rescued, protected, inherited and widely developed, stand in the New Year pictures all over the world, and will develop broad.This thesis chiefly explores, from the standpoint of aesthetics, its esthetic significance and its esthetic characteristics of art, and emphasizes to use theory to practice it, which has important meaning to protect it. Its research methods are a practical investigation combined with literature research, with the aid of "China Academic Journal Network", and other Net resource. On the base of reading a lot of literature on them, it uses aesthetic knowledge to study and analyze fully Gao Mi Pu Hui New Year Paintings.
Keywords/Search Tags:Pu Hui New Year Paintings, Aesthetic implication, Aesthetic artistic characteristics, Aesthetic value, Inheriting and protecting Pu Hui New Year Paintings
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