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On The Exploration Of Sculpture In Space— The Impact Of Space Material

Posted on:2016-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Sculpture in the form of physical space is an objective physical presence of sculpture, is malleable and expansive performance sculpture. Sculpture of space research, is an important area of traditional sculpture and modern sculpture, sculpture is the essential foundation for the language, so it is also called the sculpture art space.This paper discusses the sculpture built around space, combined with the creation of elaborate sculptures I graduated some space exploration.Sculpture from the long river of history, we recognize the original sculpture is not a conscious effort to create spatial relationships, but only focus on the image of the object itself. From the beginning of the 20 th century modern art has made remarkable achievements, and then a major breakthrough in space or sculpture sculpture in space thanks to the form and concepts fundamental changes. Body sculpture and space is occupied or separate space for sculpture entity is one of the subjects taken through or transparent, the emergence of new material impact on the use of space, are sculptors research. Around thinking space, the paper I choose to explore space connotation and extension of sculpture sculptures space, as well as the impact of materials and space between language and thinking to explore these spaces in my creation.Creative use of sculpture is inseparable from material selection, material type popular era constraints of traditional sculpture. With the development of science and technology, in addition to an eye-opener artists try to innovate in the space, the material also has a lot of bold breakthroughs, my creation to study the effects of space material and I think about space in the creation and relationship material. I graduated series to focus on the creation of the sculpture of the space and materials as well as their relationship to expand research on the introduction, combined with some of the artist’s sculptural space advocates impact on my sculpture practice, and finally turn leads me to reflect on the sculpture space.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sculpture Space, real space virtual space, creative space factors, the relationship between space and materials
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