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Design And Implementation Of The Society And Public Opinion Survey System

Posted on:2014-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330422468928Subject:Software engineering
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Survey-depth understanding of the current government honest government, thepeople working in the city views and opinions, correct assessment of the situation inthe fight against corruption the main channel for the Municipal GovernmentMunicipal Commission for Discipline Inspection to formulate relevant policies toprovide reference. Survey implementation, to ensure the organization and leadership,work measures, supervision and inspection in place.Increasingly important task of public opinion polls, more and more content,polls, grass-roots democracy is the meeting point of political development, socialdevelopment is the end result is a grass-roots social dynamics and social conditionsand the concentrated reflection of public opinion, it is also to maintain social stabilitybase line of defense, public opinion surveys construction must furnish the basis for astrong protection. Must attach great importance to public opinion polls, and enhancetheir understanding of the importance and urgency to expand the collection of publicinformation.This article needs research, system design, functional realization, systemtesting, and several other aspects of the system were discussed in the realizationprocess, beginning from demand research, in-depth understanding of the variouslayers of the grassroots people’s true thoughts and expectations, combined with boldfeatures of the Internet age guilding the system toward the direction of the Internet. Inthe system design phase of each sub-module functions to be clear, as far as possiblethe size of moderate balanced, reduced complexity, more easily understood andaccepted; the full realization of high cohesion, low coupling, in order to reduce dataredundancy, that is not in the different modules repeat the definition of a portion of thedata. Make full use of various resources,consider both conducive to a variety ofequipment resources in the development process with the use of various informationresources and taking into account the rational distribution and full use of the system inorder to reduce over-reliance on network resources, reduce the input and output,communications and other equipment pressure. Partially meet the demand functionrealization that all content, through the successful completion of system testing the system. With the development of society, the party and the government’s need toinvestigate the content can be updated at any time through the network in the shortestamount of time to pass information to the masses among the masses of the people canalways feedback information. Through the recent use of the system closer to the partyand the people heart to heart, to achieve the party’s China seamless connection.
Keywords/Search Tags:Opinion poll, Systems Analysis, System Design
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