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Community Participation In Tourism Development And Governance Mechanism Research Of Conflict

Posted on:2015-08-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330431992982Subject:Tourism Management
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Communities and tourist attractions are closely linked in space, many scenic spots are on the development of community, community residents is also an essential part of the scenic area, a lot of theoretical research and practice has proved that the community plays a vital role in the development of the tourism industry. Communities will also play an integral role in tourism development, community residents will also gradually to participate in tourism development, especially the development and management of tourism attractions. And because of various factors and limitations in the process of community participation in the tourism management, and other relevant subject have some conflicts, to resolve these conflicts of reasonable and effective to promote the harmonious development of community and tourism play an important role.In this paper, on the basis of a large number of literature research, summary and analysis of community participation in the tourism management generally appear in the process of all kinds of conflicts, common focus on environmental protection, management, profit distribution, cultural influence, ect; such as the conflict between development and protection of the environment; between ownership, operation and management rights, the conflict between community residents and travel community; the distribution of interests conflict, the conflict between long-term interests and short-term interests; the conflict between cultural aspects of local culture and foreign culture, etc. And one by one carries on the detailed analysis, in-depth understanding of the causes of these conflicts.At the same time, according to different types of conflict that corresponding governance mechanism, mainly with the community to participation in the protection mechanism, on the premise of security community residents’ participation; through the network communication mechanism, the establishment of interests safeguard mechanism(including distribution, security, supervision mechanism),ensure the community to participation in the benefit balance between different subjects; establish environmental monitoring mechanism, the scenic resort-community co-management mechanism, guarantee the sustainable development of community and scenic spots, balanced community and the scenic area, the relationship between the theoretical solution appeared in the process of community participation in tourism development of the conflict.Finally, Shaolin scenic area as an example to empirical analysis, through on-the-spot investigation, interview, based on the analysis of Shaolin scenic three main communities involved in tourism development present situation, analyzes the conflict generated by the three main communities involved in the process, and combined with the actual situation of Shaolin scenic area develop governance mechanism, improve governance mechanism from a practical point of theoretical perspective, resolving conflicts arising from community involvement to provide a reference for other attractions...
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