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Research On Corruption Network Based On Social Network Analysis

Posted on:2015-11-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L H YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330434451951Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Corruption is one of the social issues that is concerned all over the world. Corruption is not only largely restricted the economic development of a country, but also corrupted the social atmosphere, what’s more, it results in unfair social distribution and social resource allocation unscientific and unreasonable. Corruption is not only historic question, also, It is inevitable in the process of social development. Although countries in the world according to the actual situation of their own country to establish the appropriate mechanisms and anti-corruption laws and regulations, and invested considerable human, financial and material resources to deal with corruption issues, But corruption still exists, in a sense, Corruption can not be completely cured.At present, China is in a critical period of transition. Corruption continues to deteriorate, it has been a seriously factor hampered the country’s social development, and lead to serious social pollution. At last, it is becoming a social disease. Corruption has been widely studied.As a new analysis paradigm, in recent years, social network analysis methods continue to be applied to different areas of scientific research. This paper analyzes social networks which based on social capital theory and the "structural holes", then presented theoretical concepts related to corruption network. Corruption itself is also a social network, what’s different is that the network’s forming is based on the corrupt relationship instead of normal interpersonal relationships such as relatives, classmates, colleagues, co-loving. We choose match-fixing case in the game of Chinese Football League Among the many forms of corruption and cases as case studies of corruption cases. Through social network analysis, from the network size, network density, network-centric, network average shortest path, pool subgroups and other analytic-al perspective to do the empirical analysis of corruption cases. By the analysis, we identify the network center, the network structure, network characteristics and other network properties. The results of empirical analysis is consistent with the facts of the case. Verify the using of Social Network Analysis in the study of the corruption is feasibility and scientific. Social network analysis under the social science category from the theoretical point of view, Under the category of complex networks from the specific analytic-al methods. Social network analysis is a very comprehensive analysis, this paper breakthrough the paradigm for the study of corruption, out of the paradigm of the past research from the Political system science, Cost-Revenue, Human relations and other subjects studied, instead of the social network members’social attributes, we analysis corruption from the respect of relationship, location and structure. Enrich the study of the theoretical system of corruption and provide a way of thinkings and methods in the researching of corruption.Finally, this paper summarizes the research results, make an objective review in the results of the study. Analyzes the shortcomings and innovation of the article, and propose future research directions on the base of the current review of corruption.
Keywords/Search Tags:corruption, corruption network, social networks, Social NetworkAnalysis
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