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Analysis Of The Anti-corruption Network In China’s Characteristic Construction System In This New Era

Posted on:2016-06-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330461950899Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Since the eighteenth big, under a new session of the CPC central committee attaches great importance to, high anti-corruption high-pressure situation, xi Jinping stressed several times, the general secretary corruption to "fly" to play "tiger", insisting on zero tolerance attitude, strong men Duan Wan courage, resolutely curb the spread of corruption. Network anti-corruption as political phenomenon, the information age gradually by the comments on the "corruption" became a strong directivity of "corruption perspective" and "corruption accusations," network anti-corruption of the big, influence of the bearing surface is wide, has become a social reality can not be ignored. But with the further development of network anti-corruption, the problem out. Network anti-corruption as an effective supplement in the traditional system of anti-corruption, should be in function of complementary advantages to recognize the limitations of network anti-corruption at the same time, the moment of network anti-corruption, should be combined with the current situation of anti-corruption in our country, establish and improve scientific network anti-corruption system, and thus long-term play a powerful efficacy and thorough going efforts to promote the network anti-corruption anti- corruption struggle. This article is based on the construction of network anti-corruption system with Chinese characteristics in the new period, using the system analysis, case analysis, literature research, study from the following three aspects:First, analysis the essence of network anti-corruption exists, constituent elements and the cause of the emergence, as well as the network anti-corruption emerged from sprout to the development of history. In the process of analysis to the cause and effect of network anti-corruption.Second, it reveals the network anti-corruption anti- corruption positive energy and negative effects of the "double-edged sword", in contrast, on both sides of first through typical network anti-corruption successful cases in recent years a replay to illustrate the positive effects of network anti-corruption, and then the problems of network anti-corruption, elaborated the network anti-corruption in ethics, ideological cognition, network technology, the limitations of laws and regulations system, mechanism system five aspects and its harm. In the process of comparing take advantage of network anti-corruption, change of network anti-corruption.Third, even if the point of the article is the focus of the article, first put forward the improvement of the network anti-corruption ideas should be heavy anti-corruption law, avoid laws against corruption; Heavy rational anti-corruption, avoid emotional anti-corruption; Heavy scientific anti-corruption, avoid blind anti-corruption. Secondly, the problem of cohesion in the second chapter network anti-corruption limitations, echo in this paper, the network in the construction of legal system against corruption, should be good "tube" network anti-corruption; The system construction, should be good "help" network anti-corruption; Mechanism construction, should be good "with" network anti-corruption; Platform construction, should be good "push" network anti-corruption, to build scientific and perfect of network anti-corruption system with Chinese characteristics.
Keywords/Search Tags:Network anti-corruption, The rule of law against corruption Rational anti-corruption, Scientific anti-corruption
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