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Transformation Of Functions Of The Institutions Of The State Council

Posted on:2015-06-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330434456246Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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Transformation of functions of the institutions of the State Council is an importantpart of the transformation of governmental functions and the process of it directly affectsthat of governmental functions. It’s the objective need to promote the modernization ofnational governance systems and capacity. The roles the State Council plays is aninevitable factor to adapt to the socialist market economic system, to strengthen the reformof the administrative system, to help the government to convert from an economicconstruction type to a public service one and to well meet the trend of globalization.Before the reform and opening up, the reform of the State Council’s superficiallystays in the level of revocate, merge and adjust among institutions and the pursuit of thegoal is simply "downsized ","downsizing", which is actually not involved in theinstitutional functions. After the reform and opening up, the State Council has experiencedseven reforms which result in the common knowledge that the role change of institutionscomplies with it’s reform and through the reform to consolidate the role change ofinstitutions. Furthermore, the seven reforms put the State Council in its economical roletransition from a "paddle" to a "steering", and in its social role transition from a "manager"to a "servant". Together with the good point, there are also problems that cannot beneglected in the process of the transition. Mainly there may occur the transfer offunctions not in place, unscientific institutional integration, incomplete decentralisationand inefficient enforcement.The course of the transformation of government functions in China would be aneffort-taking task. The realization of it entails concept change, the institutional changematching the functional change, the implementation of the “san ding” system, deepeningthe reform of the administrative examination and approval system, and the separation ofgovernment and enterprise. The construction of the government ruled by law provide thesecurity of the transformation of the functions so as to establish a service-orientedgovernment. With the deepening of the institutional change of the State Council, it can beexpected soon a sound and efficient institutional system that it basically adjust to themechanism of socialist economical market with clarified duties, reasonable division ofwork and the consistency between positon and responsibility.
Keywords/Search Tags:The institutions of the State Council, Transformation of functions, Reform scheme
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