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Research On The Problems And Countermeasures In The Promotion Of The Reform Of The Party And State Institutions In 2018

Posted on:2021-03-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330626464716Subject:Foreign political system
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Institutional reform is not only an important measure to promote the construction of political civilization in China,but also an important link to deepen the comprehensive reform in China.In 2018,the 19 th plenary session adopted the agenda for further reform of the party and state institutions,and officially launched a series of new comprehensive institutional reforms.This system reform is not only systematic,but also an integrated and restructured one,which regards political parties and state institutions as the whole social governance system.Vertically,it runs through the central and local governments,and horizontally covers the party,government and army groups.From the perspective of the scope involved and the strength of the reform,this institutional reform has laid the foundation for a long period of social governance in the future.In 2018,the reform of the party and state institutions is still in the process of promotion,and the road of deepening reform is not always smooth.Therefore,how to effectively solve the problems in the implementation process has become very important.Up to now,the reform of the party and state institutions has been carried out for nearly two years.It has become the focus of our work to consolidate the achievements and deepen the reform process at this stage.This paper takes the problems in the process of carrying out the reform of the party and the state institutions as the research object,and puts forward the corresponding countermeasures,in order to provide a new reference framework for the study of this reform.The overall structure of the article in the introduction part,mainly introduces the research background and significance,domestic and foreign literature review and so on.In the first part of the text,it summarizes the relevant issues of the party and state institutional reform in 2018.Through a comprehensive analysis of the achievements and problems in the process of institutional reform since the reform and opening up,it compares and summarizes the motivation,overall thinking and key issues of the reform.The second part mainly analyzes the problems existing in the process of the reform of the party and state institutions in 2018,mainly from the function coordination,supervision and legislation as well as personnel issues.The third part mainly analyzes the main causes of the above problems.The last part is the corresponding countermeasures,mainly from the implementation of the overall reform,improve the supervision and legislative system,establish and improve the supporting personnel security mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:Institutional Reform, Reform of Party and state institutions, Functional Transformation, Modernization of state governance
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