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Study On The Construction Of The Service-oriented Government In Villages And Towns (Sub-district Office)

Posted on:2015-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y GaoFull Text:PDF
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With the development of the society and the deepening of institutional reform, speedup the basic change of government function, the construction of grass-roots towns(sub-district office) service-oriented government has become increasingly important.Construction of villages and towns (sub-district office) service government at the grassrootslevel is deepening the reform of administrative system, to strengthen the construction of thegovernment’s own core goal, because of the economic system reform, political reform, thereform of cultural system and social system reform, and other fields, very difficult task.This thesis mainly studied the construction of villages and towns ((sub-district office)a service-oriented government. First studied the villages and towns ((sub-district office) atthe grass-roots level general theory and the important significance to construct theservice-oriented government. By introducing the connotation of the service-orientedgovernment in our country, the basic contents and characteristics, using the comparisonmethod is presented with several government relations, thus expounds the necessity of theconstruction of grass-roots villages and towns (sub-district office) service-orientedgovernment and significance; Secondly, from the analysis of the current villages and towns((sub-district office) at the grass-roots level of the construction of the service-typegovernment basic present situation, from a historical perspective, the preliminaryexperience of the construction of the service-oriented government in our country, in-depthanalysis of the current villages and towns (sub-district office) at the grass-roots levelservice oriented government construction existing problems and reasons; Then, put forwardto strengthen grass-roots villages and towns (sub-district office) the thinking andcountermeasures for the construction of a service-oriented government, and to anyang cityMH neighborhood offices of the construction of the service-type government case as anexample, introduces the neighborhood offices in the process of building a service-orientedgovernment to explore and results, and gain enlightenment.In this paper, based on the principle of theory with practice, through specific issueconcrete analysis, the method of anyang MH sub-district office, for example, has carried onthe beneficial exploration on the construction of a service-oriented government, has acertain practical guiding significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Villages and towns(sub-district office), A service-orientedgovernment, transformation of government functions
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