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Analysis On The Function Transformation Of Rural Governments From Perspective Of Service-oriented Government

Posted on:2013-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330374461110Subject:Political Theory
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Shoulder as a grass-roots government of the township government to promote localeconomic development, maintaining social stability, public services and managementfunctions. Along with the deepening of China’s sustained economic development andpolitical reform, the township government management functions will continue totransition to service-oriented functions, the original functions of promoting economicdevelopment will provide more public services and public goods direction oftransformation.This article linking theory with practice, from the perspective focus onservice-oriented government target demands and functions of the positioning of theservice functions of township governments, the research functions of townshipgovernments in transition facing the problems and causes, as well as service functionsof township government implemented safeguards.The first chapter of the paper the theoretical interpretation of townshiptransformation of government functions and the basic theory of service-orientedgovernment to enable it to provide a clear theoretical basis to the basis and positioningof the subsequent analysis to study the township transformation of governmentfunctions.The second chapter transformation of township government functions and the basictheory of service-oriented government introduced so that it can provide a cleartheoretical basis, to the subsequent analysis of town government functiontransformation to provide the basis and positioning.The third chapter discusses the need for transformation of the functions oftownship government changes and the township government service functions, andservice-oriented government function. The township government to the servicefunctions of the transformation is the need of political reform, the need of the currentsituation of rural work requirements, the needs of the rural development of democraticpolitics, grass-roots government reconstruction credibility for the needs of their ownlegitimacy.The fourth chapter analyzes the problems and causes of township government faceto the service-oriented transformation of government functions. The problems facedinclude: such as agricultural technology and information services suited to the needs ofrural economic and social development, culture and education supply, financialoperational difficulties, change in the functions lag. The causes of the problems withthinking and understanding, is closely related to the administrative environment, thefinancial system, administration system.The fifth chapter establishes from the service concept, service-oriented governmentsupporting the system of checks and balances mechanism construction, changes in thestandard of performance evaluation, and the township government staff to enhance the quality of public goods and services increased investment, etc. township governmentmove to choose the path of service-oriented government were discussed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Villages and Towns Movement, Service-Oriented Government, Transformation of Government Functions
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