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On-Line Analytical Processing Of Cases Space-time Data Warehouse

Posted on:2015-09-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330461476042Subject:Cartography and Geographic Information System
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With the dramatic rise in long time sequenced, high-dimensional and multiple types of cases data, it can’t meet the needs of the public security department with the manual way or traditional based on database query way to analysis the cases. The cases themed spatio-temporal data warehouse is needed for providing efficient, scientific decision support to the public security department, which is a unified information platform that will integrate all kinds of cases related data of space and time. Based on the on-line analysis, cases analysis can multidimensional inquiry the spatio-temporal data related to the cases. Then the query result in the form of statistical charts or other straightforward presentation provided to decision makers, meet the needs of police that analysis of historical and present data so as to get effective information, provide decision support for the public security organ, provide the basis for police to configure.Suitable for public security cases on-line analysis method proposed in this paper which is based on the summary of analysis the spatio-temporal on-line analytical processing cases at home and abroad and analysis of related key technologies. The main contents of this study are shown follows:(1) Aimed at the public security organs to prevent and combat crime prevention requirements, and on the basis of relevant theories temporal data warehouse home and abroad to study the organization of temporal data, data warehouse, on-line analytical processing technology. Select using Microsoft Analysis Services conducted spatio-temporal on-line analysis of cases, and explain the reasons for selection.(2) To solve the key technical problems of cases spatio-temporal data warehouse on-line analysis, design a suitable cases event spatial data distributed storage mode; research the way of integration of GIS with OLAP to suit cases event analysis; design and build the case event spatio-temporal data cube model; materialize the data cube in space-based bidirectional greedy algorithm, to improve the response speed of the on-line analysis of the storage space under the premise to ensure the system.(3) Taking Fujian Province’s cases spatio-temporal data warehouse as an example, using spatial OLAP analysis operation such as slicing, dicing, drilling, drilling and rotate, explore the temporal and spatial distribution of cases. The analysis result is presented by two-dimensional color matrix chart, two-dimensional contour area map and radar diagram. Finally the paper use the Z score principle to analyze crime trends based on the result of on-line analysis.
Keywords/Search Tags:Case, Spatio-temporal Data Warehouse, Spatial OLAP, Spatio-temporal Data Cube, Spatial materialized View
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