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The Study Of The Expressive Method Of The Past Record Data Of The Administration Region Tense Grid Based On The Relation Model

Posted on:2018-09-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330515473540Subject:Cartography and Geographic Information System
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With the development of information technology,acquisition and application of spatio-temporal data easier.How to make better use of spatio-temporal data,the use of its internal data value is one of the current research hotspots?Raster data in space analysis has a unique advantage,and the relational database technology and relational database based on the query language is mature.The relational database and raster data are linked through the query language,and through the interface provided by GDAL to generate visual raster images,with good practical value.This paper begins with the method of extending the time and spatial characteristics from the relational database,and discusses the current research on the spatio-temporal data model at home and abroad.This paper discusses the existing problems of storage and expression of historical spatial information,and designs a relational database based on historical spatial grid information from the application point of view,and discusses its temporal semantics,spatial semantics and attribute characteristics and spatio-temporal changes.At the same time,it introduces the function of GDAL in raster data generation and the data set,coordinate system,band,color table and data organization of raster data.Secondly,the E_R model based on extended relational database implements the logical model of the database and the coding design of the field.Its design meets the requirements of the third paradigm and is universal.Then,on the basis of the relational database,the time,space,attribute query and the complex query function and temporal raster expression module of historical spatial information are designed and realized.Which can query the changes of the thematic information in the whole or part of the region,and generate the corresponding attribute table: The realization of the temporal raster expression module solves the problem that the database data is visualized from the static attribute information to the time and space information,It is possible to describe the topic status and change of the experimental area and to accurately answer the question of the state of the specific region at a particular historical moment and its historical evolution.Finally,the data of the extended relational database and the tense grid expression module are validated from the historical data of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei historical regionalism from AD 612 to AD 959.The results show that the extended relational database can realize the storage and management of spatiotemporal information,analysis and display of the demand,through the tense grid can be accurate,intuitive and flexible expression of time and space information;And on this basis,through the interface provided by the prototype system to achieve the grid of time and space query and analysis functions,better efficiency,easy to promote.
Keywords/Search Tags:Relational database, spatio-temporal data model, spatio-temporal data, spatial grid, tense grid, Historical regionalism
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