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Institution Modernization Under The Perspective Of Research In National Administration Modernization In Contemporary China

Posted on:2016-08-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330461480916Subject:Marxist philosophy
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The party’s eighteen plenary session has passed the<The decision of the CPC Central Committee on deepening the reform of some major issues>. And put forward clearly that:" The general goal of comprehensively deepen reform is the improvement and development of Chinese characteristic of socialist system, to promote the national administration system and administration ability of modernization. The problem of globalization era Propose and promote "national administration modernization" is another significant moderation strategy goal after our government propose the four modernization. Is the modernization of the update version. The essential of this strategy is institutionalization, standardization, routinization (The words of president Xi Jinping). This three points is the essential of the "institution modernization". It is a major theoretical innovation in Chinese national administration issues, and it’s also a big overstep to the western administration theory which is based on the core of the "democracy". Based on the current China society, legalization is the must take routine of the national administration modernization. Democracy is the fundamental guarantee of the national administration modernization. Fairness and justice is the value goal of the national administration modernization. To promote the national administration modernization is requirement of the transformation from Chinese traditional society to the modern society, it relates to the people’s happiness life, development of the harmonies society and long period of national stability, So it has important theoretical and practical significance.This articles think that, Institution modernization is not only the essential and the core content of national administration modernization, but also the significant ensurance to accomplish the national administration modernization. So,without the institution modernization, the national administration modernization doesn’t make any sense. The process of the national administration modernization not only reflect the process of society modernization, but also reflect the process of institution modernization to some extent. Therefore, the institution modernization is the point of national administration modernization.Based on the above understanding, this article is trying to discuss the realistic approaches to national modernization in contemporary China from the perspective of political philosophy. I think:improve and develop the Chinese Characteristic socialist system is the direction goal of the national administration modernization; emancipating mind is the premise concept of national administration modernization; The core value system of socialist is the value premise of national administration modernization, to promote the national administration modernization have to settle the relationship between efficiency and fairness, the relationship between touch stone across the river and strengthen the top level design and the relation between globalization and nationalism.
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