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Studies On Optimization Of Civil Servant At Grass-roots Level Incentive System

Posted on:2018-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X D ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330518982697Subject:Public administration
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However, with the high speed social change, compared with China's booming economy, and remarkable achievements gained in economic construction, the problem of government vitality and political system reform has been a big challenge that the government has to address,the root cause of which is the insufficient incentives within the organization of the government. Therefore, this article focuses on the analysis of basic-level civil servant in China, guided by contemporary theories of motivation in management at home and abroad, combined with the characteristics and particularities of the incentive mechanism of civil servants in China. Based on the comparative analysis of the incentive mechanism of civil servants in four countries of United States, Britain,France and Singapore, combined with survey methods, the paper explores the problems and the negative impact of the empirical research in recent years.This study collected 117 questionnaires,according to the data analysis of the survey it shows that the first problems is the fewer new employees currently and the more elder employees as well as the problem of excessive working hours; Secondly, except the normal retirement staff, the number of those who were fired, demoted was 0 in the local tax bureaus in qianjiang in the past 6 years .According to local taxation of qianjiang city,it's clear that the current incentive mechanism of civil servants in several incentive mechanisms that are more important, such as the promotion mechanism, mechanism of rewards and punishments, etc, the incentive effect is not obvious. It failed to effectively stimulate the enthusiasm of basic-level civil servants, sometimes it caused a negative effect.Therefore, after the comprehensive analysis from the four aspects of remuneration system, evaluation system,reward and punishment system,and the promotion system of the incentive mechanism of civil servants in qianjiang city of Hubei local taxation bureau,according to main problems of incentive mechanism of local basic-level civil servant in qianjiang Bureau , with the actual situation, through the incentive mechanism of civil servants from the experience of developed countries abroad, According to the five principles of basic level civil servants motivation mechanism,the civil service pay system is proposed into legal systematic management, guarantee the implementation of wage survey system, to set up a reasonable compensation system; Through the establishment of organizational performance as the core, evaluation of personal performance evaluation as a secondary system, and through appropriate outside help,enhance the rigour of the evaluation in order to set up a scientific evaluation system; By improving the withdrawal mechanism and increasing promotion methods to establish smooth lifting systems;Through the pay performance-related specification system of rewards and punishments to perfect the motivation system for civil servants.And finally the paper offers some new ways to motivate, to further meet the needs of diverse combination of incentive mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:Grass-roots civil servants, incentive mechanism, incentive
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