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A Comparative Study Of China And The Soviet Union’s Reform Top-level Designs

Posted on:2016-06-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330461983291Subject:Marxist theory
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The reform′s top-level design refers to the whole planning for the future reform. The top-level design is very important to the reform of a country. The national reform needs rational, overall planning and the global outlook, so the top-level designs should be carried out. Both China and The Soviet Union are socialist countries, but the top-level designs since the period of reform and opening up and Gorbachev are different: Chinese reform made a correct understanding of the essence of socialism, chose rural as the breakthrough, made economic system reform first, took a gradual approach to reform. The Soviet Union′s reform made a error understanding of the essence of socialism as “The humane democratic Socialism”, chose enterprise as the breakthrough, made political system reform first, took a radical approach to reform. The different reform′s top-level designs caused the two countries going to different fates, one created the Chinese characteristic socialist road, the other one has to collapse, the collapse of the communist party.The failure of The Soviet Union′s reform was caused by a variety of reasons: the reform did not adhere to the socialist orientation; the reform had shaken the status of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union; the reform did not solve the existing contradiction, but the contradiction deepened. On the contrary, Chinese reform had always been the people’s interests as the starting point; the reform of Communist Party into a strong core of leadership;the reform formulated a scientific program, Chinese reform can make the stage of success by all kinds of reasons. Through the comparison of China and The Soviet Union′s reform of the top-level designs, we can draw the following conclusions: reform must adhere to the socialist orientation; reform must adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China; reform must firmly grasp the economic construction as the center; the political system reform must adapt to economic system reform; the relationship between reform, development and stability must be properly handled.
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