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The Research Of Putin’s Eurasian Union Strategy

Posted on:2016-08-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In 1994, President of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev first proposed the concept Eurasian Union(EU), he argued that the member states of the commonwealth of independent states(CIS)should build the regional integration organizations based on European Union that respect for national sovereignty and independence, which follow the principle of equality, voluntary and mutual benefit. But the CIS countries didn’t pay attention and research on that at that time. For the next several years, although the ideas and suggestions on promoting multilateral cooperation and establishing integrated organization emerged in endlessly, there is no substantive progress that achieving remarkable achievements of course. On October 3,2011,the then-Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin, published a signed article as a presidential candidate, which put forward clearly the strategic conception about building Eurasian Economic Union(EEU) on the basis of customs union and Eurasian unified economy and developing for the regional integration of the EU at last. In May 2012, as Russia’s President again, Vladimir Putin,immediately launched intensive diplomatic activities in post-soviet space, promoted regional economic integration.Putin’s European Union strategy was proposed on the basis of a long-term influence of Europe and Asia, close connection of CIS countries, a large extent recovery and development of Russia’s economy, in the meanwhile, strategic adjustment of Western countries have created opportunities for Alliance strategy’s proposal and propulsion. Putin’s implementation of Eurasian Union strategy will integrate Eurasian natural resources, the economy, human resources and financial technologies, promote regional economic development, strive to build a supranational Union of sovereign States. Its final finish will be a power which has influence and power of voice in the world, so that to get rid of the Eurasian Heartland’s passive situation towards world order, at the same time, help Russia achieve its "Eurasian powers" dreams. Putin’s Eurasian Union strategy,we can say, is not only Putin’s presidential campaign outline, but also is a grand country strategy after Putin was elected the President. At the beginning of strategy proposal, Putin has made the system planning for advancement of the Union and give the powerful implementation of the strategy. The eventually building of the Eurasian Union depends on many factors, the current situation to see, both having solid ideological basis, good conditions, and facing internal divisions and external resistance, its future remains to be seen. What we cannot overlook is that leading members of the European Union are close neighbors with China, and we have a overlap with the SCO, and "Silk Road economic belt" on the area. Therefore, it has great influence and close connection between these two agencies, at the same time, it also influence the further development of Sino-Russian relations. The high level of supranational institutions, established by adjacent areas, on the one hand, have created more opportunities for mutual cooperation, on the other hand,also brought competition and challenges. China should give adequate attention, in rational and objective way to judge the impact of the Eurasian Union and give an active coping, then we can grasp the initiative right in the healthy competition and seek a broader space for cooperation and achieve win-win results.With the realistic significance of Eurasian union idea rise, it makes Russia integrate CIS countries, promote the commonwealth of independent states(CIS) integration of holding up a banner, its development prospect gets increasingly the attention of all parties. This article is on the basis of previous scholar research results and systematically discusses the background, goal, advancing process of Eurasian union strategy which Mr. Putin puts forward. This article comments the opportunities and challenges facing and analysis the impact on China from multiple perspectives. Hopefully this article has some reference for related discussing and studying.
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