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Current Situation And Countermeasures Of Police Skill Training Of Liaoning Police

Posted on:2015-01-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up,The cause of ourcountry’s political, economic, cultural and other have achieved significantlyimproved.GDP has made breakthrough progress, per capita income has been movingtoward$3,000from$2,000.But at the same social problems,Social contradictions beganto emerge,The current complex social situations to the new era of police officers put ahigher demand.Police officers should improve their combat skills in order to reducecasualties,Protection of national, as well as the people’s own safety to a greaterextent.To improve the combat skills of the police, public security needs from highereducation and practical skills training to start policing, based on the original explorationexplore a set of both theory and practice, teaching and practical skills, rigoroussystematic policing skills with new methods of teaching. This thesis is in such asituation to start research.The main content of this paper is divided into five parts. The first part describes theorigin and innovation research; police training and education is an important part ofstrengthening the ranks of the police, to establish a politically qualified, professionalcompetence, work style police force is inseparable from education and training.The second part describes the definition and significance of the study; people’spolice public security organs must have to deal with complex situations and dangerousconditions excellent professional skills. Police have a high professional skills refers topolice officers combat skills, it is not a single, simple, but not as common as job skills,job training through general will be able to grasp, possess. Police involved in the fieldof the large number of combat skills, is very difficult and requires a lot of targetedprofessional or special training to be able to grasp. Combat skills training of policeofficers, not only for the struggle of ordinary people’s police training in each of the firstline of the individual, but also in a number of levels is extremely important.The third part describes the status of Liaoning Police Actual Combat skills training;in this part, the author of the survey area had a rough introduction. Geographicalparticularity of Liaoning Province, but also because of its influence on regionaldevelopment has, the more important because of its role in nation-building, economicdevelopment plays, Liaoning Province, stable social situation, law and order and harmony sound economic development environment is particularly important. Due tothe special nature of many aspects of Liaoning Province in geography, economic status,the role of other, more complex features will highlight the work of the police inLiaoning Province. Combat training of police officers is particularly important inLiaoning Province. Then summarizes what is currently the target of police combat skillstraining, Liaoning Province, and the specific content of current training methods.The fourth major problem of induction current Liaoning Province police officerscombat training exists; Here mainly from six aspects:First, the whole system is flawedpolice training; Second, there are loopholes in police training mechanisms;Third,thetraining schedule is not reasonable, the lack of scientific theoretical guidance;fourth, training concepts and training methods too old; fifth training is no closeconnection with the actual work in the region; sixth, training programs obsoletemethods can not achieve the desired effect.The fifth part is for the police system, police training mechanisms, trainingarrangements, the proposal put forward to solve the existence of training concepts andtraining methods and training the practical effect of these problems.Through reading a lot about the police officers dealing with social issues papersand books, in line with actual police officers working for the Liaoning region of theresearch study and combat skills training to expand the core research, summed up thepublic security system in Liaoning Province Status combat skills training police officersand problems presented proposals to solve these problems, the police in LiaoningProvince to provide practical skills training in the future to explore the theory ofreference.
Keywords/Search Tags:Liaoning, Policemen, Police combat skills, Police Education and Training
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