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Risk Management Of Military Construction Project

Posted on:2015-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330467452016Subject:Industrial Engineering
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The project is an important military army combat support foundation, it can guaranteemilitary operations carried out smoothly, and it has played a huge role inwinning the war under various conditions. Do a good job in the military constructionproject has become an important part of army troops ready for military struggle, in which thearmy barracks in military construction project occupies an important position inthe construction of modern barracks, has become a symbol of military modernization project.Due to the use of units, purpose of use and other more special, so the military project ofconstruction project quality, project schedule, cost control and so have more stringentrequirements, and military engineering projects are often huge investment, complextechnology, construction cycle is long. At present the Chinese forces exist in engineeringproject construction with scientific consciousness is not strong, weak, macro master degreeof project prophase planning ability, project management level is low, the lack of theconsciousness of cost control problems, the urgent need to take reasonable measures tosolve.Based on the analysis of the related definitions, the risk management theory after thediscovery, will introduce the concept of risk management to the military project, can be avery good solution to the problem. Firstly, the risk identification of the military project, takethe preparation checklist, the summary of the project experience and lessons, theexperimental model is established, the introduction of Delphi method and brainstormingways, as far as possible preliminary identification comprehensive military engineeringproject revealed and hidden risks; secondly, to evaluate the risk of discovery, in-depthanalysis of risk categories and the generated source, possible consequences and severity;finally, according to the actual situation of the project, targeted to take to reduce risk, riskprevention, risk transfer, risk avoidance, risk retention and other measures of risk aversion.In this paper, with the army barracks construction as an example, from the three aspectsof risk identification, risk assessment, risk aversion, analyzes the army barracks in thestructural design process, if the risk analysis, and risk the consequences found design, fromseveral aspects the barracks structure system, storey height, span and thickness, structuresection size and building materials take measures to avoid possible barracks, design and construction in the process of cost control risk, this proved in the army construction projectsin the construction of risk management system is effective and feasible.Through the above analysis, the research proved the great effect of risk managementsystem of military engineering project, the author conducted in-depth analysis of militaryconstruction project investment risk liability system problems, find that there exist problemssuch as investment management institutions is not stable, unclear division of responsibilitiesof relevant departments, the means of management is not standard, aiming at these problems,the author then from the establishment of mechanisms, internal risk responsibility of militaryconstruction project external risk constraint mechanism, the three aspects of the projectinsurance system, some constructive countermeasures and suggestions for the establishmentof risk management system of military engineering project is put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:military projects, barracks construction, risk identification, risk assessment, riskavoidance, risk management system
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