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Research On Military Information Security Risk Management

Posted on:2007-10-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H X LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360212975875Subject:Troops Management
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In the process of informationalization of armed forces, according to plentiful building and board using of information system based on computer network, the military information is facing the more and more severe security menace, and the security measures standing on technology have hardly prevent the security risk which is brought out with the vulnerability of system. Consequently, to research on risk security of systemicly, control risk effectively and prevent the information security happening have been the basic work in the information safeguard recently. On one hand, the paper makes the relative definitions of military information security risk and military information security risk management, analyses the characters of former in detail, and explain the process of the latter. On the second hand, it gives all-round explanation about identification, assess and control of risk security, focusing on the process of security risk and the security risk management which computer network faces.The new view lays on that it classifies the factors of risk relate to military computers exactly in systemic views, put forward a model of information asset. Value assess based on the layer structure, give all-round description about the guideline of the information asset value, modify the evaluation methods of weakness, discuss the arithmetic model of comprehensive risk evaluation, put forward a method about comprehensive risk evaluation according the addition model and risk matrix arithmetic, summarize several principles of risk control, give a view on persisting control of military information security risk, and provide means of how to control the military information persistently.
Keywords/Search Tags:risk, risk identify, risk assessment, risk control
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