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Research On Risk Management Of Institutional Reform Projects In Mingliang Town Of Shanglin County,Nanning

Posted on:2017-06-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present,the township administrative management system and operational mechanism are still difficult to meet the needs of the integration of urban and rural economic and social development,and are almost impossible to shoulder the increasingly heavy social management and public service functions under the condition of gradually fast-paced urbanization and new rural construction,which severely restricted the rural economic and social development and the coordinated development of urban and rural areas.Based on the goals of completing and fulfilling township institutional reform projects,analyzing and evaluating the potential various risks of township institutional reform projects,and proposing the feasible measures to precaution these risks are a subject worth studying.In this paper,the author studies how to deal with the problem of risk management during the implementation of institutional reform projects in Mingliang Town of Shanglin County,Nanning based on the concept,theory and method of project risk management.This paper is divided into seven parts.The first part elaborates the research background,purpose and significance.The second part is the related concepts and theoretical basis.The third part describes the present situation of institutional reform projects there.The fourth part is to identify the risks.The fifth part introduces the assessment methods and procedures.The sixth part introduces the dealing measures to handle the risks.The seventh part is the research conclusion and prospect.The results of the analysis show that there are more than six risks in institutional reform projects in Mingliang Town of Shanglin County,Nanning like communication risk,schedule risk,policy risk,organizing risk,technology risk,and cost-management risk etc.,among which are the four main risk,they are communication risk,schedule risk,policy risk and organizing risk.To ensure the accomplishment of the anticipated targets of the projects,the corresponding measures should be taken.
Keywords/Search Tags:Township institutional reform projects, Risk identification, Risk assessment, Risk handling
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