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Study On The Relationship Between The Quality Of Farmers And The Building Of A New Socialist Countryside

Posted on:2016-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In2006, the CPC Central Committee in the 《several opinions about the CPCCentral Committee and State Council on promoting the new socialist rural construction》of the No.1document clearly pointed out:“to improve the overall quality of famers,cultivating new farmers with knowledge, technology, management, is the constructionof socialism new countryside urgent need”. Clear the new socialist rural constructionachievements, in-depth excavation of the influencing factors is a common problem inthe research filed of thinking. To solve the "three rural issues" and the construction ofsocialist "new countryside" background, how to start from the mobilization of internalforces of the rural, rural development is to promote the whole society in the importantissues of concern. Economics research shows that, the individual resource endowmentsinfluence the decision-making behavior to a certain extent, and results. With theconstruction of new socialist countryside steadily, one of the important factors affectingthe highlights, namely the quality characteristics of farmer.Human capital theory proved that human capital is the important source ofeconomic growth, a country the size of human capital stock will become the decisivefactor of national development level and international competition ability. theconstruction of new socialist countryside. Inspired by the human capital theory, thispaper presents the characteristics of farmers of different qualities have different effectson the construction of new socialist countryside in different aspects of the hypothesis,the related literature summary characteristics of the quality of farmers and the buildingof new socialist countryside, this paper will be the quality characteristics of farmersclassified as political quality, scientific and cultural quality, management quality,personal quality four types of selection, production development, well-off life, ruralcivilization, clean and tidy village, democratic management measure five aspects of theconstruction of new socialist countryside effectiveness.In this paper, specific hypotheses for: Farmers’ political quality, scientific andcultural quality, management quality, personal qualities of a new socialist countrysideproduction development, wealthy life, rural civilization, clean and tidy village,democratic management has significant effect.In this paper, with reference to the relevant literature and the mature scale and combined with the purpose of the study, the formation of the initial questionnaire.Through small-scale interview, delete spam, purify the scale, get more streamlinedquestionnaire. Combined with the present situation of the construction of new socialistcountryside of three counties in the different development level of Shandong Province,through the questionnaire to obtain the data, using SPSS, Eviews software for dataanalysis are descriptive statistics, reliability and validity testing, data access to the data,to establish a multiple linear regression model to the theory of hypothesis test. Resultdiscovery: Summarize the conclusions of empirical research, this paper proposes thereference suggestion for the construction of New Socialist Countryside: in the level ofeconomic development is relatively backward rural areas, should pay attention toenhance the farmers’ cultural quality and management quality. In the rural windcivilization, the village is not enough clean enough for the rural area, we should payattention to the training of individual farmers’ political quality and moral cultivation.The problems in the democratic management of the rural area, we should pay attentionto the training of farmers’ political quality and scientific and cultural quality.Innovation of this paper is based on literature analysis, research and practicalinvestigation, taking quality characteristics of farmers as the starting point to study itseffect on the construction of new socialist countryside, through the empirical analysisreveals the influence of farmers’ political quality, scientific and cultural quality,management quality, individual quality of the construction of new socialist countrysidein different aspects the.The conclusion of the article, not only verified the effect of the qualitycharacteristics of farmers for the construction of new socialist countryside, enriches thetheoretical research results of the construction of new socialist countryside, but alsoprovides an effective basis to improve their own quality to adapt to the socialist newrural development as well as the government on how to enhance the quality of farmersvery fruitful for the villagers, puts forward a bit as far as possible, practical and operablecountermeasures and suggestions, in order to truly to improve the quality of thepeasants, so as to promote the service to the new rural construction, and promote thedevelopment of village health, harmony, stability.
Keywords/Search Tags:farmers, political quality, scientific and cultural quality, management quality, personal qualities, the construction of new socialist countryside
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