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Study On The Party’s Ruling Ability Construction Under The Background Of The Modernization Of National Governance Capacity

Posted on:2016-09-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330470976826Subject:Political Theory
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The third plenary session of the eighteenth, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China put forward promote modernization of national governance capacity, and regard it as one of the comprehensive reform of the overall goal, this is the party at a new historical starting point, facing the complicated situation in the international and domestic situation to make a major strategic objective and the documents of the party first appeared officially the concept of modernization of national governance capacity. The Communist Party of China is the ruling party, the main body of the national governance. In the new period, vigorously improve the party’s governing capacity, consolidate the party’s governing status, the party to better for all the service of the people, this is conducive not only to the party and establish a good image, enhance the effect of the governing party and conducive to rapid expansion of the country and the society. To strengthen the construction of the party’s ability in power is not only an important part of the party’s construction, but also an important part of the construction of socialist democracy.This paper mainly divides three parts. First, the article analyzes the connotation of the modernization of the national governance capacity, the connotation of the party’s ruling ability and the relationship between the two. Through the concept of interpretation, the paper points out the close relationship between the modernization of national governance capacity and the construction of the party’s ability to govern. Secondly, this paper analysis of the status quo of the development of the party’s governing capacity in the new century. By finishing the importance and urgency of effects summarizes the present stage of construction achievements,puts forward the major problems existing in the construction of ability of administration of the party at the present stage. At last, according to the main problems, how to improve the party’s ability of governance in the context of the modernization of national governance to improve the party’s ability to build a path of choice for a more detailed. And on the basis of new period party’s ruling environment, from the perspective of practice were careful analysis, the conclusion of the being study results, ways and methods of strengthening the party’s governing capacity construction carried out a detailed and in-depth inquiry, effectively enhance the party’s ruling ability.
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