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Lanzhou Deepening The Research On Food And Drug Administration System Reform Of Administrative Examination And Approval

Posted on:2016-12-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330470976907Subject:Administrative Management
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Food and drug administration is the relationship between the people’s livelihood important materials since ancient times, nature, about the food and drug safety supervision is the focus of the government management reform of examination and approval work of examination and approval. With the continuous development of society and the perfection of China’s market economy system, redefining the relationship between the government and the market need, the government gradually turned to limited government, service government; At the same time, the citizens in a democracy the rule of law consciousness, and participate in political life has the very big enhancement. The city of Lanzhou in gansu province as the political, economic and cultural center, in optimizing food drug administration for examination and approval procedures, strengthen the drug regulatory approval management made many attempts, due to the unbalanced regional economic development, government institutions is not perfect, the influence of such factors as the food and drug administration for examination and approval system reform deepening effect aspect also has many uncertain factors. In this paper, the lanzhou city food and drug supervision, examination and approval work, for example, the regulation reform of examination and approval of related problems are discussed briefly.
Keywords/Search Tags:The food and drug supervision, Administrative examination and approval, Reform of the system
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