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Research On The Construction Of Public Participation In Administrative Legal System

Posted on:2016-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L F Y S XiaFull Text:PDF
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China started the reform and opening up since 1980, with the formation of plural subject and the growth of democratic ideas are resulting in serious challenges for the administrative legal system, which is built according to the theory of administration, working under nowadays social development. Modern administrative is no longer focus on execution, but concentrate on profit decision- making in the most of times. In this situation, using public participation to promote democracy and rule by law and setting participatory mode of legal system are becoming more and more important for the theory of politics and law and system practice. In this paper, under the perspective of public participatory administrative legal system construction, take the administrative regulations and part of the local regulations in the public participation rights, hearing procedure, expert consultation program and feedback regulation, for example, analyzes the necessity of strengthening participatory administrative legal system. This article also studies and analyzes the problem of lack of protection for the participatory mode of legal system. According to these problems, combined with the information of foreign experiences and our country’s reality. This paper claims some measures of perfection for the construction of our participatory mode of legal system: Strengthen the protection of the public right of association, establish an independent expert advisory system, improve government information disclosure, mechanisms to improve public discussion and strengthen the accountability of administrative organs and improve the feedback mechanism. This paper is been written in the hope of contribute to the construction of our participatory mode of legal system.
Keywords/Search Tags:public participation, administration, participatory administration
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