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Inner- Party Democracy Construction Of Chinese Communist Party In The Perspective Of Deliberative Democracy

Posted on:2016-12-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330476952370Subject:Marxism in China
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The party democracy as the lifeblood of party in power relates to the party’s survival. In the 1950 s, the Chinese Communist Party has already strengthened the building of inner-party democracy. There are some notable achievements: such as strengthening the concept of inner-party democracy, effectively protecting the democratic rights of party members, the abolishing the life tenure of cadres and so on. There is no doubt that some constraints have been in the party,comparing the building of party democracy with the socialist market economy, the socialist political civilization. The constraints include the single perspective of theory research, some party members lacking of the democratic consciousness, excessive concentration of power in the party and being short of the contents of the relevant system. It is that the development of deliberative democracy providing a unique perspective of inner-party democracy development. It is the similarity that involves consciousness,the sense of participation and public reason between the deliberative democracy spirit and the inner party democratic ideals. It is that the real possibilities that combining the deliberative democracy with the party democracy include the three-thirds forms of cooperation during the war, grassroots democracy practice and a set of system such as party system, democratic centralism, party committees support system, and congress system. The combine conduces to resolve the problems of party effectively, compensate for lack of democratic elections within the party, raise democracy awareness of the party members, make the scientific decision and create the party atmosphere of negotiation. According to the carding Deliberative Democracy theory and the party democracy, gaining the successful experience of deliberative democracy practice within the party the deliberative democracy intra-Party democracy follows the "risk minimization, bottom-up, step by step, major breakthroughs" principle. It is essential that respecting the dominant position of party members, promoting the equal participation in the party and creating a harmonious atmosphere for negotiations. We should establish a program of democratic values, adhere to the direction of democracy-building programs, improve the construction of specific procedures and accelerate the construction of the party consult system in the construction process.
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