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Research On The Demand And Supply Of Public Service In Village Changing To Residential

Posted on:2016-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H P ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330482460039Subject:Public administration
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With the accelerating process of urbanization, promoting to breaking the urban-rur al reform, after this formation of resettlement,the "Changing Villages’ community more and more, a large number of rural population going into a city within a short time beco ming the resettlement environment community residents.Then a series of question arises also emerging, such as identity change, the concept of rural residents lag, difficult to ad apt to the new environment, the employment situation is grim, the exchange with the sur rounding community integration difficulties, and " Changing Villages’ community in a sh ort time Unable to change identity and way of life within the community public service i ssues have become increasingly prominent.In this article, the theoretical basis is public management, mainly focusing on the c urrent situation of "Changing Villages" community public services, supply and demand and put forward relevant suggestions on practical issues. This paper attempts to study lit erature, empirical study, research studies and other methods.Taken Suzhou YuanHe stre ets and community as an example, with the actual work as the basis, the public services as main line, analysis and research "Changing Villages" community public service statu s, existing problems and reasons, carefully analysis its demand and supply, combined wi th the actual situation, learned from the success experience of "Changing Villages" com munity public service-related, put forward a sound, corresponds to the actual needs of th e "Changing Villages" countermeasures and suggestions of community public services.
Keywords/Search Tags:“Country to Residence Community”, Public Service, Countermeasures
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