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The Thinking Of Questions For Farmer’s Rights In The View Of New-type Urbanization

Posted on:2017-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330482472477Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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With the development of new-type urbanization,the country conducted a series of activities for construction. In this process,the rural population flow to the urban and the population in urban areas is growing rapidly. As the urban area is enlarged, the farmers lost their land gradually.The rights and interests that original exist in the land are also lost after several multiples of the original land benefit compensation.And it would have contradictions between the rights of farmers and the construction of new-type of urbanization. Therefore,how to protect the interests of farmers while the development of new-type urbanization is an important issue.According to the development of urbanization in the world,it will promote the development of rural economy, and also make a large number of farmers lost their land that for survival. If the disposal is not reasonable,the Land-lost Farmers will be in poverty.It will aiso hinder the growth of economic and the development of urbanization. How to use the law to improve the normative of land expropriation and the rationality of land requisition compensation,and how to help farmers to resolve the difficulty in social security with the process of urbanization, to avoid that they cannot be integrated into the urban life for its high consumption after they lost their land,will be an urgent problem. Although our countrie have formulate a series of policies to protect the interests of farmers,there are still have some problems in the legal system. Such as land expropriation and protection mechanism is not clear, the compensation of land expropriation have difficult to implement and lack of legal supervision, the legislation of rural social security rights is not perfect, and so on. Therefore, to solve the defects of farmers’ land and social security in the law as well as establish a perfect legal system is the only way to improve the farmers’ rights in the development of new-type urbanization.In order to achieve these goals, start from reserach the situation of farmers’ rights in the new-type urbanization,combined with the the case in reality.Extract useful experience from the relevant foreign legislation,find out the deficiency of the existing legislation, so as to put forward the specific practice to protect the interests of farmers through legal construction. To be specific:To safeguard the rights and interests of farmers on the land through theimprovement of the law,perfect the flexible transfer of land and the reasonable rules of land requisition compensation; To protect the insurance interests of the Land-lost Farmers through the improvement of law,to make that they can better safeguard their life by endowment and medical insurance after lost their land; The protection for the special group in migrant workers and so on. Proposed of new ideas and new methods in legislation, execution and supervision.To make related rules more complete, and strive to make the law have no blank area when it in solving the problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:New-type urbanization, Farmer rights, Land requisition compensation, Social insurance
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