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The Study Of The Problem Of Anti-corruption Since The Eighteenth National Congress Of The Communist Party Of China

Posted on:2016-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since human society entered the national stage, the problem of corruption was arousing more and more attention. With the development of economy and the transition of the times, the forms and characteristics of corruption also change. At the same time, the negative effects that corruption brought about, such as corrosion on economic situation, erosion on party image, damage on the social fair, make the authorities in every country have to attach more importance to the prevention and treatment of corruption. Currently, the phenomenon of corruption has become a common problem facing every country all around the world. Despite different national circumstances, the soil conditions under which the corruption engendered have something in common. Such conditions include nothing more than the imperfection of political system, the faultiness of economic system, the absence of social supervision and the limitation of ethical construction. So the measures that every country take to against corruption is usually from the above aspects. However, due to the limitation of all kinds of historical and practical conditions, the degree and effect of dealing with the corruption varies from country to country. Judging from the process of controlling corruption in other countries, the problem of corruption can not be solved at once.what’s more, it has presented new features with the development of society, therefore, to study and manage the problem of corruption is a long and continuous process.In china, the successive leaders in the central Party never stop manipulating and against corruption, however, the problem is sill quite serious. Since the opening of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, unprecedented efforts have been made in the Party and the policy of anti-corruption in accordance with the law has been put forward which makes the anti-corruption work have a clear and definite support from the law. "The four unprecedented" can be utilized to summarize the attitude toward the work of the anti-corruption:the first is that the severity of the current corruption is unprecedented in the history of our party. Second, what is unprecedented also refers to the Party and country’s determination and strength against corruption. Third, what is unprecedented also goes to people’s confidence toward anti-corruption and the Party, as well as their identification with the party; the fourth, what is unprecedented also relate to the challenge and historic opportunity that our Party is faced with in the process of anti-corruption. Based on China’s national conditions, this paper will analyze the causes of and formation of corruption and the harm it engenders. Then, the paper puts forward corresponding proposals by comparing the existing experiences with the hope to provide reference to the smooth development of the anti-corruption work.
Keywords/Search Tags:Corruption governance, Corruption, Anti-corruption legislation
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