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Research On The Public Demand Oriented Administrative Examination And Approval Reform

Posted on:2017-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330485461561Subject:Public administration
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To face the new normal of our economic development, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward to actively adapt to the concepts, to exact to the cognitions, to correct to the methods, to competent to the work。 An important manifestation to exercise public power is administrative approval, it is also a normal way for the government to conduct public administration and exercise administrative power configuration. Our administrative examination and approval system is the product of the planned economy, it cannot adapt to the new normal of current economic development after several administrative examination and approval reforms, and it cannot suit to the needs of the rapid development of our society.The Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC marks the development of economic reform walks into a new historical period. To deepen administration approval system reform, to decentralization, to transform government functions, to provide quality public services, to create a good environment for development are the emphasis of our future reform development. After the further promotion of Party Central Committee and the great efforts of the governments at all levels, the State Council cancelled and decentralized 9 batch of 798 items specific administrative approval items one after another in document forms to the end of December 2014. The aim that the current government planned to reduce a third of administrative approval items completed ahead of schedule. But it exposed a range of issues in succession in the specific reform practice process, such as too cumbersome of the administrative approval、unclear of the process、bulls management、the corruption rent chaos etc.This paper disserts the theories of the administrative examination and approval system in China and cards the administrative examination and approval system frames over the years. It presents the development path of Inner Mongolia Yitai Group Co., Ltd. and the problems in the process of administrative examination and approval of each period. And it also presents the demands of enterprises after our economic development walks into the new normal. This paper references the experiences of the administrative control and approval service of American and Japan governments, and proposes the reform paths how to manage, run and supervise for the public demand oriented administrative examination and approval system to reflect performance、service and management innovation in the process of constructing service-oriented government in the new era...
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative examination and approval system, Public service, Reform
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