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The Discussion Of Deepening The Reform Of Wuxi Xishan District Administrative Examination And Approval System

Posted on:2015-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330464458067Subject:Public administration
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During the acceleration development of administrative system reform, China has made a lot of valuable exploration and innovation. Administrative service centers are established by the government at all levels which is a very important step of the current administrative reform practice. Administrative examination and approval system has played an important role in the intervention in the economy, the management of social affairs. But with the deepening of the reform, some shortcomings of the administrative examination and approval system has exposed out. For example, it can’t meet the need of the new situation development, and it can’t adapt to the market mechanism. Therefore the reform of the administrative examination and approval system seems to be a necessary requirement to improve and perfect market economy system.This article includes four parts. First part, topic selection and significa nee; research situation at home and abroad; theoretical basis of reforming the system of administrative examination and approval, research methods, content and innovation. Second part, the status quo and the achievement s of the administrative examination and approval system reform in Wuxi Xishan District; the problems exist in the administrative examination and a pproval matters, examination and approval procedures, supervision of exam ination and approval and supporting measures; the causes of the problems are the imperfect of the related laws and regulations, the restriction of tr aditional administrative execution system; driven by some common interests and local interests. Third part, the experience and lessons of administrate e examination and approval system reform at home and abroad. Fourth p art, put forward some proposals to deepen the reform of the administrativ e examination and approval system, mainly including scientific adjustment of administrative examination and approval items, set on management orga nization of the administrative examination and approval, build specification and efficient operation mechanism administrative examination and approv al, strengthen the supervision of administrative examination and improve a nd perfect the supporting measures of administrative examination and appr oval system reform, etc.This article studies on the existing problems of the reform of the admi nistrative examination and approval system in Wuxi Xishan District, using the grounded theory method. Combining the experience at home and abro ad put forward the corresponding countermeasures, the aim is to make so me meaningful guidance to further promoting the reform of administrative examination and approval system of our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:administrative service center, the reform of administrative examination and approval system, the grounded theory
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