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The Study On Performance Evaluation For Urban Community Public Services

Posted on:2017-05-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330485465577Subject:Administrative Management
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The community, As a basis unit of social management, the construction achievements and it’s development situation are directly influenced the living quality of the community residents. In recent years, the status and influence of community is increasingly obvious. Community public services, as an important content of community management, has been attracted more attention from all social circles.Our all levels of governments are pay more attention to the construction of community public services. Compared to the rural communities, the urban communities has different characteristics in politics、 economy and cultures. Face to the acceleration of urbanization, the urban residents have a growing demand in community medical、health、education、insurance and so on. The public services in urban communities have meets more severe challenges than rural communities. At the present stage, the construction of urban communities in our country is still inadequate,only by accelerated the construction of public services management 、 promoted the reform of public services management system,and to enhance the comprehensive strength of public services in urban communities, can satisfied the growing needs of material and cultural of residents. so that the urban communities can maintain it’s vigor and vitality. Based on this background, the research on performance evaluation of the urban community public services, have a targeted and practical value.The main contents of this paper are as follows:Firstly, the writer described the background、the purpose and the significance of this paper, analysis the relevant domestic and foreign literature.Secondly, the writer described the conception and features of urban community,contents of urban community public services, including it’s subjects and objects. The writer also explained the connotation and principle of the performance evaluation,build the theoretical framework of the performance evaluation on urban community public services.Thirdly, according to the principles of index system, steps and indicator selection,the write completed the construction of indicator system of urban community public services, then list some of the main methods of performance evaluation, selected a suitable method, then expounded the advantages of Fuzzy integrated evaluation, and explained the steps of this model. Constructed performance evaluation model based on Fuzzy integrated evaluation.Then, the writer chose three communities in Xiangtan city as a research subjects,using the way of questionnaires for the data collection, then take Fuzzy integrated evaluation to conduct performance evaluation on urban community public services,according to empirical results, the writer analyzes the factors and weakness that influenced the construction of urban community public services.Finally, the writer proposed some suggestions for improving the system construction 、 building multi-oriented system 、 promoting scientific evaluation of performance and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:urban community, public services, performance evaluation, Fuzzy integrated evaluation
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