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Research And Application On Fire Risk Evaluation System For Longhu Commercial Complex

Posted on:2017-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T T RenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330485491329Subject:Safety science and engineering
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Collection of ornamental,living,entertainment,shopping and other functions,co mmercial complex provides people with convenient,fast and comfortable at the s ame time,which itself has characteristics of large structure,various use function,co mplex internal layout,flammable materials is more and etc, once take fire accide nt, it will bring serious property damage and casualties.In view of this phenome non,this paper puts forward fire risk evaluation system research and application of commercial complex,aims to establish a set of fire risk evaluation system suit able for commercial complex,to comprehensive analyze and evaluate its safety st atus.Commercial complex overall is divided into three parts,including underground building,podium building and high-rise building,the characteristics of each part were analyzed respectively, draw the conclusion of the underground building has the characteristics of heat dissipation due to space closure,the fire has a smoldering and heavy smoke,east to form a high temperature;the podium building has the characteristics of more combustible,fire smoke spread quickly,more electrical equipment and wiring,crowded and difficultly evacuate;the high-rise building has the characteristics of the building is high,not easy to evacuate,fire spread quickly,fire fighting facilities inadequate, rescue difficult.Considering the characteristics of each part and combined with the fire combustion mechanism,the process was analyzed by the fault tree analysis method and the influence factors of the fire occurrence were obtained,establish the evaluation index system of the fire risk including underground building part,podium building part and high-rise building of commercial complex.By establishing measure judgment matrix and using the improved formula to improved the AHP,so as to determine the weight of each factor in the each index system, to overcome the complicated problems when verify the consistency of the judgment matrix.The risk classification standards is determined by expert scoring method,divided into five criteria:very safe, relatively safe, general safety, more dangerous. Take the result of the fire risk level of three parts by using fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method,based on the risk score values and weights of three part,calculate the fire risk rating of "general safety"of the overall building by establishment of mathematical model.Analysis fire hidden danger and put forward suggestions for improvement according to risk level of commercial complex overall.The practical application of Longhu commercial complex fire risk evaluation shows that set up the suitable fire risk evaluation index system for this special building, can be draw the fire risk level of this building on the whole,give improvement suggestions of building fire prevention and control measures, and have certain guiding significance for fire safety management department of comprehensive building make fire prevention rules and regulation.
Keywords/Search Tags:The comprehensive commercial building, building fire, Risk assessment system, Fault tree analysis, Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation
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