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Risk Evaluation Of ASS System Development Project In G City

Posted on:2016-08-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330503453078Subject:Project management
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With the development of science and technology and the maturity of the technology, the statistical software projects are faced with the new changes in the form, and the corresponding risk is further increased.At present, the risk management of the development project is still in the theoretical research and practical exploration, the data provided by the project risk management is also very insufficient, so it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive system of risk management of the project,carries on the concrete thorough analysis, provides the pointed and the operational method and the basis for the annual statistical system development project risk management.According to the G municipal government annual statistical construction projects, the project investment amount is large, the time is long, the external system interface, communication channels, and the complexity of the characteristics,Project risk management, especially the project risk assessment and risk countermeasure research need to pay attention to us.In this paper, we study the risk management of the annual statistical system project, and use the modern management theory method, which is the combination of qualitative research and quantitative research. This paper analyzes the characteristics and influencing factors of the risk management process of the project risk management process, and provides a targeted method and evaluation model for the project risk management.And to G City annual statistical system development project as an example, the establishment of a trocar for annual statistical system, perfect evaluation index system, using expert scoring method to determine the weight values and established based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model for G city government annual statistical system construction risk management put forward effective risk control measures,In view of each risk assessment result, the risk response strategy is put forward to reduce the risk of internal and external environment.The results of this paper provide an example of risk assessment and risk management for the construction units and construction units of the government statistical analysis system,for the annual statistical system similar to the risk of the project has practical application value of the reference and the larger practical significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:statistics system, risk management, risk assessment, risk measures, comprehensive fuzzy method, Annual statistical system project
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