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On The Process Reengineering Of The Administrative Examination And Approval In Yiliang County

Posted on:2017-01-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330488464202Subject:Public management
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The reform of the administrative examination and approval system has been the t op priority of the work of the government in recent years, it is to promote the transf ormation of government functions is an important way, but also the construction of ru le of law society, the objective requirements of integrity and service type government to build, is the fundamental guarantee of services and improve the livelihood of the p eople. In the process of reform of the administrative examination and approval system, the implementation of administrative approval process reengineering is to promote the reform of key road.Firstly, this paper attempts to combs the domestic and foreign administrative appr oval process reengineering of the advanced experience and academic research on it, co mbined with the actual situation of the current development of our country, by using the theory of innovation of administrative examination and approval process reengineer ing, such as:seamless government, holistic governance and wisdom and wisdom urban government theory, government departments to carry out the administrative examinatio n and approval process reengineering the feasibility and necessity of carries on the ela boration.Secondly, according to the new public management public service principle, integr ity principle, "people-oriented" principle and competition principle, to reform the admin istrative examination and approval system of Yiliang County as a case, the specific pa th of implementation of administrative examination and approval process reengineering is analyzed, through the choice of relying on the Government Affairs Service Center construction of the external and internal path path research which need to be solved and new mode of process reengineering of Yiliang county administrative examination and approval process reengineering of the problem, including:a diversified set of adm inistrative service center and the center of legal department; from traditional governanc e to electronic governance transformation; performance evaluation monitoring and evalu ation system of administrative examination and approval of the overall aspects.Finally, combined with China’s county government exists in the administrative exami nation and approval process problems, such as lack of communication and cooperation of government restructuring difficulties, among the various departments; administrative center construction is not perfect; the application of network information technology 1 ags behind; the lack of a complete and unified performance evaluation system; staff s ervice consciousness is not strong, professional ability is not high and according to th e actual situation of the county government, the administrative approval process from t he optimization of internal structure, perfect the government administrative center infra structure construction, promote the "electronic government governance", to establish a s ound performance evaluation system, enhance service consciousness and service ability of staff approval in several aspects such as the reconstruction puts forward the count ermeasures and suggestions, in order to provide experience and reference on the refor m of the administrative approval system in other areas, prompted China to accelerate t he transformation of government functions, improve work efficiency, enhance the peopl e’s Mass satisfaction, to fight the reform of the administrative examination and approv al system, so as to promote the faster, better and more stable development of all aspe cts of society.
Keywords/Search Tags:The administrative examination and approval system, Process reengi neering, Countermeasures and suggestions
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