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Research On The Non-profit Organizations Of Guangzhou Of Participating In Elderly Home Care Service In Community

Posted on:2017-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As China has entered the aging society, the problem of aging population has been widely concerned by all sectors of society. With the modern family structure and lifestyle changes,traditional family elderly care becomes unsustainable to satisfy the needs of the elderly. But the supply of social endowment can’t make up for the shortage of family support. Elderly home care in community combined with the advantages of elderly home care and elderly social care, which is an important way to cope with the aging problem in China and provides an effective way for the realization of “providing for the Elderly”.Guangzhou city not only started the pilot of elderly home care in community in 2005, but also regard elderly home care in community as a supplement to the supply of old age. In 2008 Guangzhou launched the project of Government’s Purchase Public Service to purchase social services project and introduce the professional non-profit organization to operate. However, after several years of development, the government led community home care service has gradually exposed some problems at present, such as the coverage is narrow, the service effect and service demand lack of assessment, financial capital investment is not enough and so on. On the other hand, a large number of non-profit organizations with professional qualifications, in the provision of elderly endowment will continue to encounter the theory, policy, funding, operational model, poor cooperation with government and other issues. How to construct the system of elderly home care service in community which based on the participation of non-profit organizations is the key point of this paper.This thesis is divided into five parts. The first chapter is the introduction, introducing the background, significance, status and research methods. The second chapter gives the definition of the key concepts, and the related theories to demonstrate the necessity of non-profit organizations to participate in the community home care of aging people. The third chapter analyzes the current situation of Guangzhou’s non-profit organizations participating in the elderly home care service in community, and taking the operation of the Yuexiu District elderly community centre as an example. At the same time will be based on the information by the investigation in government departments, a number of non-profit organizations to explore the problems and the true reasons. The fourth chapter explores the successful experience of non-profit organizations in the developed countries and regions, and gives a summary of the experience in the relevant regions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Non-profit organization, community endowment, home care, participation
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