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Research On Improving The Executive Ability Of The Township Government In Conghua District Of Guangzhou City

Posted on:2017-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330503469006Subject:Administrative Management
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"Execution" first appeared in the 2006 government work report of the State Council, and began to be concerned about the personnel at all levels of government and scholars. The government executive power and ruling ability, different administrative ability and administrative execution concept, but also has a relationship. "Execution" is a a new vocabulary, management of academic circles and the law circles administration has different meaning, meaning those similarities and differences between theory and practice, will lead to the comprehensive and brand-new definition. Since most of the scholars have focused on the concept of the executive power of the government, or focus on local the executive power of the government, the township government executive ability research is not much. However, the township government is the foundation of China at all levels of government, the executive power of the government is not strong also often occurred mainly in the township government of Guangzhou city is Chinese than the level. Conghua is one of twelve districts of Guangzhou City, however, Conghua both economic strength or the government’s implementation of the efficient operation of the force and the metropolis of Guangzhou somewhat incongruous, this paper locates the study in Conghua district to improve the township government execution, for is to break this, government administration under the influence of the executive power of the government is still not strong.For the present situation of the Conghua township government executive ability is not strong, this paper attempts to of its overall characteristics are summarized, summed up the Conghua area in order to improve the present situation of the township government executive ability, problem, analysis reasons for its existence, and puts forward the countermeasures to improve the execution of Conghua District township government.This research method mainly adopts literature method, investigation method, comparative analysis and other methods. In the first chapter, the background of the research, from theoretical and practical significance, and then analyzes the domestic and foreign related research, determine the research direction, objectives and content; the second chapter starts from the concept of executive power, analyzes what what is the executive power, the executive power of the government, and the related theory analysis of execution; the third chapter analyzes the status quo of Conghua district to improve the executive ability of the township government, points out the existing problems, analyze the causes of problems; the fourth chapter draws lessons from the domestic and foreign countries in the advanced experience and measures to improve the executive ability of government the last chapter; problems and reasons for Conghua district township government executive ability exists, put forward the countermeasures.The expected value, by Conghua district to improve township government executive ability research, find out the existing problems, and reasons analysis of the characteristics and problems, combined with the current Conghua development opportunities and development needs and public management subject classic theory, respectively from the government executive body, implementation, execution system, executive culture aspects put forward the relevant countermeasures and measures.
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