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Research On The Ecological Agriculture Construction Of Rule Of Law

Posted on:2016-11-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Agriculture is the foundation of human beings. As an extremely important part of our natural environment, ecological agriculture has great significance in the biological diversity and ecological balance conservation. Ecological agriculture is an important part of the sustainable development of human society. Theory study and practice have been showing that ecological agriculture is the future direction of agricultural development in our country, which is the only way to achieve agricultural modernization.The Party has proposed to promote vigorously the construction of ecological civilization at the 18 th Party Congress, and promoted the rule of law, strengthened agricultural legal system at the 18 th 4 round Party Congress, which is a very important part of socialism legal system. We have made a lot of achievements since "ecological agriculture" has been proposed in the 1980 s. Promotion of eco-agricultural development has become the consensus of the whole society. But the development of ecological agriculture still has many limits, including ecological agricultural legal system being not perfect, affiliated institutions being not ready and sound, which is probably the biggest obstacle.Construction of ecological agriculture is an inevitable requirement to fully promote the rule of law, rural reform and development, agricultural construction and upgrading, and farmers richer, which is also the necessary support of agriculture administration by law. Study on the Construction of ecological agriculture law can provide a strong guarantee for the development of ecological agriculture, and make an explicit requirement for the agricultural administration by law. Research on the Construction of ecological agriculture law is conducive to accelerate the construction of ecological agriculture legal system and create good atmosphere for whole society to ecological civilization construction.Through the analysis of the conception, features and theoretical origins to define and comments on the ecological agriculture, the thesis reveals the importance of ecological agriculture legal construction. By combing Legal Milestones of Ecological Agriculture in China, author pointed out that the effectiveness and characteristics of each stage of the development of ecological agriculture legal construction, also analyzed the shortcomings of its existence: the ecological agricultural legislation system is not perfect, the legal enforcement mechanism needs to be enhanced, and affiliated measurements need to be improved, which thus failed to give a strong legal support for ecological agriculture.We should learn from the successful experiences of the agricultural legal system in developed countries, such as American, German, Japanese and Sweden, to build a comprehensive legal system of ecological agriculture, to improve the efficiency of the law enforcement system of ecological agriculture, to strengthen the institution of eco-agricultural technology promotion, agricultural compensation, agricultural subsidies and agricultural standard system and so on, which will provide a solid foundation for the development of ecological agriculture and modernization of agriculture and well-off society.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ecological Agriculture, Rule of Law, Legal system, Institution
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