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Study On Policy And Law Of Ecological Agriculture In China

Posted on:2010-08-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Y ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360275966116Subject:Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Control
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For a long time,because of climate and people's high energy,high-cost,high-polluting farming methods,Chinese agriculture ecological environment has been severely damaged. Soil erosion and desertification phenomenon prominently appears,agricultural non-point source pollution is serious,water resources is short,forest resources has crisis,and biological diversity is reduced at a prodigious rate.Along with the exposition of petroleum agriculture which has be not sustainable day after day,development and the application of the sustainable development theory in the agriculture,ecological agriculture has emerged and become new power of agricultural development in China.To develop ecological agriculture is not only a certain selection to realize sustainable development of agriculture,but also an necessary way to carry out the scientific development concept and build socialism new countryside.However, at present,there are still many restrieting factors on the development of ecological agriculture in China,among them,system factor is the main one.Therefore,to establish seientific and reasonable system is very important both for providing an efficient system supply and for sustainable development of ecological agriculture.The policy and law of ecological agriculture defined in this paper,is the general name of adjusting the various social relations which appears in the people to engage in ecological agriculture activities.In the manifestations,it may be laws and regulations,also guidance documents,rules,regulations,standards,mechanisms and planning.In this paper,based on the whole analysis of policy and law of ecological agriculture in China by systematically analytic method,we pointed out the defects and their ham of the relative policy and law,in other words,such as the lack of framework system,the lack of the basic law,the lack of basic project,the imperfection of technical order,the deficiency of certification system,the imperfection of the research services and education and training system for farmers,the lack of incentives,the lack of surveillance and examination system, and the imperfection of the publicity and education system.In this paper,based on foreign policy and law of ecological agriculture by comparatively analytic method,we put forward the relative legislative idea,policies,mechanisms and measures which may be implanted to our country.By the method of induction and synthesis, we put forward the plan of constructing policy and the law system of ecological agriculture in China,based on determining construction goal,we pointed out the basic principles:integrity. according with the implication of ecological agriculture,serving the practice of ecological agriculture;making full use of the existing norm and supplementing insufficient norm;we put forward the framework of the policy and law of ecological agriculture in China,comprising four hierarchies:basic norm,including the basic law and the basic planning:core norm, including technical regulations and certification system;fundamental norm,incuding research, education and training policy and incentive mechanism;auxiliary norms,including surveillance and examination system and the publicity and education policy.We elaborated the relationship among fiom four hierarchical norms and the exterior guarantee for the establishment of system.In this paper,we put forward the ideas of perfecting the main contents in the policy and law system of ecological agriculture.We suggested to enact the basic law of ecological agriculture,studied out the aim,principle,production requirements,ecological labeling, certification management,supervision and management,trade rules and legal liability of developing ecological agriculture.We suggested to enact the development project of ecological agriculture and stressed the relationship between biodiversity conservation and ecological agriculture development project.We put forward to perfect certification system of ecological agricultural products,including integrating the certification system,improving the certification standards,establishing supporting institutions and implementing certification organization socialization.We innovated incentive mechanism,proposesd incentive measure to promot the development of ecological agriculture from the finance,banking,taxation, compensation for ecological benefits in four areas.We perfected the surveillance system,and advocated to ilnplement management systems in the ecological agriculture proiect.We transformed examination svstem,and pointed out the direction,content and form of change from the green national economic accounting system,green accounting system,green auditing system and green cadre assessment system.We perfected the publicity and education policy, according to different audiences,and strengthened the consciousness,theory and practice of ecological agriculture from the ecological education,publicity and education of environmental law,knowledge of ecological agriculture and the education of food safety in four areas.In conclusion,scientifically sustainable development of ecological agriculture in China depends on establishing scientific policy and law system of ecological agriculture.Among them,the law and planning are the core,the perfect certification system is the key for carrying out the sale of ecological agricultural product,the jural incentive measure is the guarantee of promoting the development of ecological agriculture.the perfect system for the evaluation of work is a forceful support for strengthening the development of ecological agriculture,and a scientifc and efficient surveillance system is the guarantee of realizing the system.
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