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A Study On The Security Of Ideology In The Ethnic Minority Areas In The Border Areas

Posted on:2017-05-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330509954418Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Security ideology dominated by the people as the main body of the realization of the interests of the socialist country, is the national economy, politics, culture and other system plays an important role in promoting the stable function. Ideology security frontier national regions because of its regional characteristic and particularity, the discussion is helpful to consolidate marxist guiding status in the field of ideology, condense the united struggle of all nationalities in frontier minority areas common ideological basis, to ensure the safety of the national level of ideology, has a pivotal position, to consolidate the frontier minority areas in southwest China ruling status, maintain national unity and national security also has important theoretical and realistic significance.Multiple ethnic religion is affecting frontier minority areas in China ideological security an important factor. Religious beliefs about frontier minority areas, diversity is the most prominent characteristics. In such a diverse environment, religious belief ideology security maintenance frontier national regions is an extremely difficult task. As a result, multiple religious influence on ideological security outstanding displays in: multiple religious thoughts affect national ideology guiding position, religious dissemination way and influence the function of state ideology, cross-border ethnic and religious relationship influence the improvement of national identity, religion infiltration affect the construction of socialist core value system. Therefore, for ideological security maintenance way should have long-term macroscopic, but by strengthening ethnic and national identity actively build the frontier minority areas of socialist core value system, using marxist religion to guide people’s religious practices, and should be guided by the propagation characteristics of religion to consolidate ideology. In addition, in the different religious frontier region showed different characteristics, based on the empirical research of Yunnan, found that ideology security has different characteristics in Yunnan, such as grass-roots government concerning the management of religious or ethnic minority party members in the religious problems, therefore, for the frontier minority areas diverse ethnic and religious influence and countermeasures are put forward for ideological security, should consider the macro and micro characteristics.
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