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Research On National Unity Education In Normal Colleges In Border Minority Areas

Posted on:2015-03-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Take Dehong Teachers College as a case study, the national unityeducation of normal universities in ethnic minority areas is studied from fouraspects.(1) The meaning is researched that the normal colleges anduniversities carry out the national unity education in national regions, including thepractical significance of maintaining national unity and consolidating frontiers. Itplays an important role in promoting national unity and common development. It isalso the objective need that higher school ideological and political education isperfected and improved, which is the inevitable requirement to promote thehealthy growth of students’ harmonious unity and various nationalities.(2) Theoverall status of national unity education in Yunnan Dehong Teachers colleges,including the basic situation of Dehong Teachers College; the national unityeducation contents, ways and results in Dehong Teachers College.(3) Theproblems and the reasons of the national unity education in Dehong TeachersCollege, including the main problems and causes of national unity education.(4) Itis about countermeasure thinking to improve the national unity education infrontier minority areas of teachers colleges and universities, includingstrengthening the construction of the main land of national unity education,forcing the consciousness and of theory perfusion of the national unity education;paying attention to family education to further strengthen the basic link of nationalunity education; strengthening the foundation of national unity education withsocial culture theme to create a good social and cultural environment for nationalunity education. Students national unity education initiative and subjectivity will befully mobilized. The basic conclusion of this study is that, based on the status quo of teacherscollege students’ national unity education in frontier minority areas, teachercolleges and universities should strengthen and improve national unity educationby improving the national unity education content system, optimizing the waysand the method systems of national unity education and strengthening theteacher teams of teaching national unity education.
Keywords/Search Tags:frontier minority areas, Teachers colleges and universities, Nationalunity education
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