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The Study On Fund Raising Way Of XX College

Posted on:2013-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present, higher education in China has entered the popularization stage, and China has been the largest nation of higher education scale in the world. Higher education in China has been rapidly developed, which make that the original lack of funds can not meet the growing needs of colleges and Universities, higher education development and education funding shortage being increasingly outstanding, so the problem on how to raise capital to meet its own development will emerge as the times require.According to the actual situation of ZZSF College, this paper clarifies the higher education as a quasi public product attributes with the theory of public sector economics and financing through literature method, method of comparative analysis and investigation method, which analysis the source of school funds in the college and university from various perspectives of institutions and tells us the rationality, importance and necessity of the college diversified financing, and it is a beneficial exploration of the financing activity that colleges and universities adopt the diversified financing channels. At the same time, it makes clear that there is the relationship of the responsibility, right and interest between government, university and society, which points out that the executor of the main higher education financial act should be college itself, learning from foreign experience in the financing of major national universities. The current situation of financing of ZZSF College is deeply analyzed in this paper, which tells us that there are some problems in the process of ZZSF College financing. For example, relying too much on traditional channel of capital source, and the unbalanced development of diversified financing channels. The article puts forward some practicable causes of the problem, which concluding that national macro policy on its financing development restrictions, the lack of awareness of higher education financing activities in ZZSF college and combined with ZZSF college and the development of local economy disclosely enough, etc. Finally, combining the actual situation of ZZSF College, the article puts forward the design of diversified financing channels for ZZSF College. Such as absorption from all circles of the society donation, Strengthening Bank-University Cooperation and making full use of financial market flexibility to develop ZZSF college education through the loan, financing from the BOT and PPP investment mode, vigorously carrying out scientific and technical services and cooperation between school and enterprise. The article also analyzes the financing risk of diversified financing channels one by one, and gives some attentionable problems of risk aversion. It proposes the design for the ZZSF College diversifying financing channels and gives the rationalization proposals of the effective implementation.
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