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Study On The Primary Students’s Sport Motivation And Physical Self-esteem Features And Their Correlation Based On The Theory Of Achievement Goal Orientation

Posted on:2016-07-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the future of the motherland, the healthy grows of teenagers fully or not directly related to the personal fate and even the country’s future.the teenagers to participate in physical exercise motivation level directly affect their physical health,Thus affecting their all-round development.In recent years,the related study of youths sports motivation and physical self-esteem become increasingly rapidly.However,study on the analysis of youths sports motivation and physical self-esteem as well as the relationship between the variables of the study based on the achievement goal orientation does not see more.In this paper,based on the achievement goal orientation,Through carding and review related literature internal and external,know its research status.Through the investigation and analysis of Chinese contemporary and elementary physical exercise sport motivation and goal orientation.Including the current situation of physical self-esteem characteristics,To put forward the correct suggestions.In this paper,we study to use the literature material method,questionnaire survey method,mathematical statistics method.To discuss the basis of youths sports motivation and physical self-esteem as well as the relationship between the variables of the study based on the achievement goal orientation.By means of research,as followed:1:Compared with the motive for sports and physical self-esteem in different gender differences,the results show that the boys sports motivation is stronger than girls.In physical self-esteem,physical attractiveness、sports skill、strength of dimensions is higher than girls;In health、appearance、 physical activity、flexibility、endurance、coordination of dimension,boys scores is extremely higher than girls.2:The sports motivation and physical self-esteem with comparing the differences of different grade,the results show that with the growth of grade,a significant reduction in the sport motivation.declining physical self-esteem,for or five grade,grade five to six rising to be "V’ shaped.3:To explore the sport motivation and goal orientation,the relations among physical self-esteem, the results show that the goal orientation can better predict sport motivation; task orientation and internal orientation has a linked correlation;For individual sport motivation to improve physical self-esteem.the goal orientation and physical self-esteem is significant positive correlation,Including the positive role.In the theory of achievement goal orientation,The higher scores of task orientation,the higher body self-esteem will be.4:Through the research,the relations among the basic reflects the dichotomy of sports motivation in sport goal orientation and mechanism of action,shows the different types of goal orientation on sport motivation and no correlation between the psychological dimensions of physical self-esteem. Sport motivation、goal orientation and physical self-esteem have significant positive correlation,and produce a certain role in promoting between the variables.Based on the conclusions,put forward the following suggestions:1:In the school sports work, according the students of different gender,we should focus on the physical structure and their cognitive motivation.On the one hand,with the sports motivation,we should be based on the psychological structure of different teaching.measures to encourage more women to take an active part in sports activities.such as courses in some girls love and good at sports (sports dance,aerobics,yoga,etc.)In order to stimulate their interest in sport,sport motivation,strengthen their willpower and from the inside of the heart really love the sports;On the other hand,with the physical self-esteem.boys and girls in the course of carrying out the sports teaching terms of personal appearance from the boy,flexibility and endurance should be strengthened,such as long runjump hold items as a workout.Girls in sports skill and strength,will continue to strengthen,through push-ups,play and so on.2:Students from different grades 、ages have differences.This paper based on the primary high grades school (four to six grade), becoming the"V"shaped.Research shows that physical self-esteem along with the age growth will continue to decline.Because of various factors,they face pressure all its aspects,focus in their external image,inevitably led to decline in physical self-esteem.When the director should be words encourage the sports teaching,and exercise guidance(for example,do some focused developing training,class collective,activities display,etc.),strengthen the confidence of their learning motivation,improve personal physical self-esteem.3:At present,lack of physical exercise and physical health of falling,sports researchers should further strengthen their goal orientation,especially in terms of task orientation,the idea of self-reinforcing.By strengthening the goal orientation,improve their ability of perception,to develop interest in sports activities and promote them to participate in physical exercise motivation and action,raise goal orientation and physical self-esteem,so as to make them fully healthy growth to a certain extent.
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