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College Students' Physique And Physical Self-esteem And Physical Exercise Adherence Of Related Research

Posted on:2013-05-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J L FengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330362968272Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Based on multiple science theories such as physical education, psychology and biology, mypaper applied for theory research, investigation and cases to randomly select400students of the2nd,3rd4th year of the overall4238as a object for questionaire and measure test, and do somerelative research about physical health and respect. intended to offer a new point view to causingus realise the physical health deeply, and in order to provide some evidence to integrated themental education into the physical education finally come into our quality measure standardsystem,enhance the depth of research in physical quality and application value supplement therelative theory and provide some reference in research method.meanwhile,my intention on thispaper to discuss how the persistence in exercise affect the physical and mental condition is todiscover and maser the inner law of act of persistence in exercise, and more effective promotecollege students to positively take part in exercise and improve the level of both physical andmental.The research result as follows:1. The students selected to test have a low ratio of excellence,and larger ration of better andpass. which shows a oliver shape. about the figure, the height is lower the average degree,theweight is mostly normal, few is overweight. but the function and quality coax (especially malestudents)lower than the average.therefore, the related government department should pay moreattention to2. There exists obvious difference in the five aspects(exercise skill, health condition,physical attraction, physical quality and physical evaluation),additionally, the male students gethigher mark. which reflects that the male bear more stress from appearance aspects, and they arebasically satisfied their figure, and they are critical about their appearance owing to the physicalbeauty we should show respect to the fact, and my research demonstrate the good tolift their respects is taking part in exercise3. The physical exercise persistence of the students is not pleasant: the ratio of which takepart in exercise accourt to50percent, but of which only8percent take it regular, and gender isdominant feature: the male students take part in obvious higher in the number and time,thefemale students are basically deficit in physical exercise. plus, the physical quality of the studentsinsist on exercise are higher than those who do not, of which who do not exercise are the worst.and the several aspects have closer relationship with the volume lung, power and eruption.therefore we need lead students persisting on the physical exercise so as to effectively improvethe condition of physical health.4. The physical health promote the physical respect. firstly,in the figure,on average,the areapt to the slender figure,and the male are tend to the strong muscle,and believe that the strongmuscles have stronger exercise talents; while the female are fond of slender figure, they alsoreveal that the strong figure may have good health condition. second, the function of the heart lung put some impact on the evaluation on self talent on exercise. the level of the lung volume ispositively related to the health condition,physical attraction and physical quality,the femalestudents’ lung volume level are positively related to the health quality and physical value,whichshows the dominant meaning in statistics.third,on the physical quality aspects,on the one hand,thestudents of the better quality have higher evaluation on each physical competence.on the otherhand,the higher integrated mark students are obviously got higher mark on every wecan naturally draw a conclusion the health are closely related to the pyschological health, whichalso means the object we research has some significance.5. The students persist in exercise have higher respect that those not,and cause obviousdistinction in exercise competence,attraction and physical value aspects.which show that thelonger hour has been taken for exercise,the more obvious the effect was additionshort-term non-regular has no obvious effect on it.and there are great disparities intime,frequency,strenghth and persistence of different gender and physical degree.6. The quality and psychology impact on the persistence reversely.and of the quality ofhealth the quality of power has closer relationship with the persistence,of the aspects of body theexercise competence,health condition and health quality has closer relationship to it.whichdemonstrate that often take part in exercise can not only gain higher physical respect, also bettermental condition with the enhancement of physical quality.In a word,the health quality,physical respect and persistence in exercise can affect andimprove each other.on the one hand,the quality affects the respect,but persistence in exercise canenhance the quality,can further the development the psychology.on the other hand,the quality andrespect also affect persistence,better condition can promote and maintain the persistence inexercise...
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