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Study On The Current Status And The Strategy For The Construetion Of Double-Qualification Teachers’ Team In Secondary Vocational Schools

Posted on:2016-12-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330461486763Subject:Education management
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Teaching staff is the key point of the development of vocational education and the important basis for secondary vocational schools to improve their running quality. Building a Double-Qualification teachers’ team that conforms to the teaching requirement of employment orientation, technology enhancement and practice reinforcement is the important guarantee of secondary professional schools for delivering high quality technical and skilled talents to the society.This study, taking A school of X city as an example and adopting methods of interviews and questionnaires to conduct a survey on the current status of the construction of Double-Qualification teachers’ team in secondary professional schools, mainly focuses on the issues of the size, structure, teachers’ moral cultivation, professional quality, teachers’ training and treatment guarantee of Double-Qualification Teachers’ Team, and analyzes the survey results with the help of SPSS17.0 statistics software. Acknowledge the experiences and effects of this school’s teacher body of "double teaching type" teaching: the first is to emphasize on the improvement of the teachers’ education background, and the structure of the teacher body has evidently improved; The second is to enhance the teacher training and skill training, and the proportion of "double teacher " has evidently increased. At the same time, this research has analysed the existing problems as well as their causes of formation:: first, there is a lack of scientific plan and measurement for teacher recruitment, which makes the structure of "double teaching type" teaching team not proper enough; second, a positive moral environment of teachers has not been achieved, which resulted in the lack of working passion among “double teaching type” teachers; third, “double teaching type” teachers do not possess sufficient practical experience and their professional capacity cannot meet the needs of secondary vocational school education; fourth, the teachers training mechanism is not perfect, leading to unsatisfactory "double teaching" training effects; fifth, a scientific evaluation system is absent, causing a failure to objectively assess "double teaching type" teachers’ abilities; sixth, there is a lack of effective treatment guarantee, affecting "double teaching type" teachers’ working motivation.Based on the analysis of these problems and their causes, this paper proposes solutions and suggestions: the first is to scientifically work out plans for construction of teaching staff and development and try to expand the teachers recruitment channels; the second is to strengthen the guidance and inspiration on "double teaching type" teachers and create an active moral atmosphere of teachers; the third is to enhance teachers’ professional practice ability construction and try to promote the professional quality of "double teaching type" teachers; the fourth is to perfect the teachers training mechanism and try to exploit "double teaching type" teachers training resources; the fifth is to establish a scientific evaluation system to evaluate and promote the "double teaching type" construction of teaching staff; the sixth is to effectively improve the remuneration of "double-qualified teacher", and promote the independent development of "double-qualified teachers".
Keywords/Search Tags:Secondary vocational schools, “Double-Qualification” Teachers, Teachers Team, Teacher team’s construction
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