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The Study Of The Construction Of "Double Qualification" Teacher Team Based On Cooperation Between Schools And Enterprises

Posted on:2014-12-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330425957379Subject:Education management
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With the new stages of vocational education reform and development,toaccelerate the construction of modern vocational education system and to improvetechnical skills-oriented talents present a new demand to the secondary vocationaleducation teachers. How to improve the structure of the teachers, how to improveteaching abilities and how to build a double-professionally-titled teachers team to adaptto the needs of the reform and development of vocational education becomes theprimary task. in secondary vocational schools.School-enterprise cooperation is theimportant ways of the construction of the “Double qualification" teacher team.This paper is divided into five chapters to address the construction of “Doublequalification" teacher team based on cooperation between schools and enterprises whichanalysis the characteristics and significance of double-professionally-titled teachersbased the cooperation between schools and enterprises starting from the domestic andforeign research status, and analysis the cause of the problem, propose a constructionstrategies of the double-professionally-titled teachers of school-enterprise cooperationas the sampled object of the secondary vocational education in Meishan and relatedestablishments.This article will discuss the construction of the double architects type teachers teamfrom concept changes, system guarantees,scientific management and raining modeinnovation to improve importance of awareness,to perfect system guarantees school, tobuild long-term mechanism and to widen school enterprises joint training on schoolenterprises cooperation double architects type teachers team construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:School-enterprise cooperation, Double qualification teachers secondary, vocational education, teacher team’s construction
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